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The central bank's digital currency pilot, what is the fun of speculating coins-the four misunderstandings of the currency circle to DCEP

Article 丨 Mutual Chain Pulse · Yuanshang The screenshot of the Central Bank Digital Currency (DCEP) that has been tested in the Agricultural Bank of China shocked the currency circle. Some said that it could be exchanged with BTC (Bitcoin); some said that the stable currency that anchored DCEP was coming out; A lot of […]

The central bank's DC / EP beta is out, and we guessed about these functions …

On the evening of April 14, a news that "the central bank's digital currency DC / EP was tested in the Agricultural Bank" exploded in the currency circle. According to the report from the new media currency new block, the central bank's digital currency DC / EP is being tested in ABC, and it is […]

Global Blockchain Industry Development March Report: Digital currency supervision speeds up, and the monthly financing amount of the blockchain breaks 500 million US dollars

In order to better understand the development status of the global blockchain industry in March 2020, Zero One Think Tank and the Digital Asset Research Institute, from the blockchain investment and financing, mainstream encrypted digital currency market, policy guidance, domestic industry development trends and global news, etc. Dimension, the latest trend of "decrypting" the blockchain […]

From the digital currency, I saw the dawn of inclusive finance-Zhao Guodong commented on "Digital Currency"

Biography Zhao Guodong, leader of the Digital Economy New Infrastructure Research Group of the National Development and Reform Commission, co-director of the Digital Economy and Governance Research Center of Renmin University, and secretary-general of the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance. From the digital currency, I saw the dawn of inclusive finance -Zhao Guodong commented on […]

An important factor in investing in digital currencies: high liquidity

When investing in any investment product, investors want the price to be as low as possible when buying it and the price as high as possible when selling it, so that the investment will be profitable and the investment product will have investment value. In fact, in addition to the price, another point is also […]

Opinion | Zhongjing Jinchuang Zheng Runxiang: RMB internationalization should establish a mechanism for applying RMB digital currency in the field of commodity trading

Author: Dean of the Year by the Information Technology Research Institute Zheng Runxiang Source: BTRAC Global Digital Network Advanced Think Tank Editor's Note: The original title was "Strategic Proposals for RMB Internationalization in the Digital Economy Era" With the new crown virus raging around the world, the United States began a new wave of unlimited […]

Everyone talks: believe that our direction is to move forward-Thoughts after reading "Digital Currency: Inheritance and Innovation from Slate Economy to Digital Economy"

This author Zhu Wei , a blockchain developer, has hosted and participated in the development of multiple blockchain projects. Founder of Edison Blockchain Lab. In-depth application of mainstream blockchain technology to maintain long-term tracking research on cryptography, distributed consensus algorithms and blockchain protocols. He used to work for companies such as UFIDA and Stone, and […]

Many ministries such as the Central Bank and the Ministry of Science and Technology voiced that the blockchain continues to be supported by regulators

Entering the second quarter of 2020, the blockchain continues to receive the support and attention of the regulatory authorities. Recently, the central bank, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and many other ministries have voiced their opinions that they will promote the research and development of legal digital […]

The US dollar is still the king of currency, but stablecoins will lead the rise of digital currencies

This article from the Medium , the original author: Mason Nystrom Translator | Moni Last week, the US government announced the approval of an economic stimulus bill of up to $ 2 trillion. Many people think that in the face of potential long-term inflation, the issuance of additional dollars will not help, but the reality […]

Governor of the United Bank of the Philippines: The new crown virus epidemic will accelerate the adoption of central bank digital currency

Edwin Bautista, CEO of Bank of the Philippines UnionBank, said the new coronal pneumonia (COVID-19) pandemic will bring doom to cash and accelerate the adoption of digital banking services including central bank cryptocurrency speed. Source: Pixabay Digitization is the right way to cope In an interview with Euromoney, the ninth largest bank in the Philippines, […]