Articles of Digital Identity

Fragmented identity data, reshaped on the blockchain

"Identity" is the most basic information for everyone. When it comes to identity, the majority of people have the ID card in their minds. The ID card briefly records the objective facts about each person: date of birth, ethnicity, and location of household registration. In order to prove that the information is true, the state […]

Nasdaq Research launches Bitcoin futures, fierce competition on digital currency track

Author: Song Jiaji, Renhe Yi   Summary Event: Nasdaq is actively researching the launch of Bitcoin futures, Singapore's cryptocurrency regulatory law has taken effect, and open license applications to global companies. On the digital currency track, deepening regulation and competition among financial centers will profoundly affect the development of the industry. Nasdaq is working with […]

Blockchain backdating threat: Without identity verification, value transfer can only be performed in specific scenarios

Source: Compilation: First Class (First.VIP) The lack of digital identity verification will reduce the effectiveness of the blockchain, and autonomous identity will improve the identity verification process. The most common use of blockchain networks is value transfer. Cryptocurrencies will be the standard for future digital assets. A smooth (non-resistance) transfer of programmable digital value […]

Blockchain will solve digital identity security issues? 84% of organizations believe that blockchain is more secure than traditional IT systems

96% of hackers' primary task is to collect information and intelligence, which means that some or all of your digital identity may be stolen. The digital identity issue is quite worrying when you are online. A digital identity can be a person, organization, or individual device that consists of personal data and online behavior. The […]

Digital identity: Devil's Gate, Pass and Holy Grail

The identity issue is an important issue that hinders the development of the encryption world. The digital identity based on the blockchain is called the holy grail of the encrypted world, and the passport of the block world has a huge market space. It has been tried by hundreds of companies. At the same time, […]

Babbitt Column | Using Blockchain Technology to Promote Legal System Construction in Digital Society

Modern society has experienced the wave of industrialization and informationization. With the evolution and integration of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain and 5G technology, it is entering the early stage of digital transformation. The digital society will form new production factors and production relations, and data will become the core element. In the digital […]

Microsoft's distributed digital identity system decryption

Superbook China Co-Chairman If you pay attention to the news of the blockchain, you may notice two news: First, Microsoft wants to build its own electronic identity infrastructure platform ION on the Bitcoin network, and second, Canada's BC uses Indy distributed identity, which is reduced every year. Billions of dollars in spending. So what is […]

To fill the shortcomings of the lack of identity layer, how to build a decentralized identity in the enterprise blockchain?

The adoption of Permissioned Blockchain is a challenging road . The application of Decentralized Ledger- based Web3 stack technology in complex enterprise business processes is still not mature. In the missing modules of the enterprise blockchain platform , the importance of identity as a next-generation enterprise solution has been raised to the top. We often […]

Identity Privacy and Compliance for Cryptographic Finance: About Zero Knowledge and Securities Pass Agreement

Privacy is one of the missing elements in current cryptographic financial solutions . The regulatory and cryptographically introduced identities in crypto finance are challenging many of the pseudonyms and anonymity concepts of cryptocurrencies . However, crypto-finance needs to have its own set of privacy requirements that are still largely ignored by the ecosystem. Most people […]

Blockchain combined with identity authentication, not getting lost in the digital world

The 21st century is the age of the Internet and the age of data. With the development of the digital economy, technologies and applications such as the mobile Internet, Internet finance, and the Internet of Things have mushroomed, which has provided unprecedented convenience for people's work and life. Digital identity plays between the virtual world […]