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Viewpoint | The Cyber ​​Revolution in the Digital Securities Industry: How Can Sovereign Digital Identity Bring New Liquidity to Digital Securities?

STO is a very natural financial product with the development of blockchain. When traditional financial institutions, especially the securities industry, encounter blockchain technology, they actively embrace this technology, and try to use DLT technology to reconstruct the issuance and trading network, and improve the efficiency of clearing and settlement and transfer registration. However, it is […]

Inventory of digital securities (STO) events in 2019

In early 2019, several forecasts have stated that "2019 will be the first year of digital securities issuance." In this year, whether in the United States, Europe, etc., where the regulatory framework is gradually improved, or in Asia, Australia, or other places that are interested in digital asset display, digital securities have become the intersection […]

Former Nasdaq Vice President David Weild: Digital Securities is the historic intersection of blockchain and finance

Recently, Security Token Academy (hereinafter referred to as STA), a well-known research institution in the field of digital securities, interviewed David Weild, former vice president of Nasdaq and current chief executive of Weild & Co.. As a veteran of the traditional financial and digital securities industry, David Weild has an in-depth understanding of the relationship […]

When the industrial financing reform is going on, how does encryption finance bring a new style to Hollywood movies?

Today, traditional finance is being integrated into an unprecedented financial innovation, especially in industrial financing. Many companies are trying to replace traditional financing methods with new financing models. The film is such an industry. Due to the emergence of blockchain technology, the industry is currently experiencing a quiet "funding revolution." If asset securitization is seen […]

Viewpoint | The virtual reality of the combination of real estate industry and digital securities

As early as 2015, the idea of ​​combining the real estate industry with blockchain technology has been proposed in the United States. Since 18 years, the early realists in the traditional real estate industry have begun to take action. UPRETS, Resolute, Securitize and other platforms are helping. Overseas real estate has achieved new changes through […]

Read the digital securities and blockchain in one article: opportunities, challenges and risks

Digital securities provide an exciting use case for blockchain technology. Codefi (a product suite for DeFi business applications), like blockchain software technology company ConsenSys, is facing the challenge of digitizing and democratizing financial instruments through distributed finance. However, mastering a complex and deep-rooted system of securities and financial instruments requires a deep and detailed understanding […]

XRP investors filed a new lawsuit against Ripple to add that it meets securities standards and violates advertising laws

If XRP is finally identified as a security, a high probability will be banned from sales, Ripple will also face a fine for the sky, and the entire cryptocurrency market will face turmoil. On August 14, 2019, a group of XRP investors filed a new lawsuit against Ripple on August 5. In May 2018, XRP […]

License Chain vs. Public Chain: The "Best Rule" for Local and Global Digital Securities

With the development of digital securities, there is such a trend worthy of attention: digital securities are trying to go in two different directions, the public chain and the license chain. In the past few months, many startups are embarking on a digital securities platform based on the licensing chain. These solutions are designed to […]

Can fish and bear's paws have both? Discussing the interoperability of digital securities agreements from a compliance perspective

Bitcoin has introduced blockchain technology into the real world for more than 10 years, during which time distributed ledger technology quickly expanded from digital currency and supply chain to identity management. However, most use cases have a similar structure that allows users to hold and transfer digital assets on a peer-to-peer basis. In short, we […]