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Getting started with blockchain | New advances in quantum computers, is the wallet safe?

Author / JackyLHH Produced / Vernacular Blockchain (ID: hellobtc) Almost every once in a while, "breakthroughs" in quantum computers are coming out. This has caused panic among some users in the industry: the advent of quantum computers will crack Bitcoin's encryption algorithm, and the crypto world is about to collapse. No, recently American company Honeywell […]

Conjectures about digital wallets and central bank digital currencies

Source: Digital Fiat Research Institute Digital wallet may become the carrier of central bank digital currency. The digital currency of the central bank can adopt a two-layer structure of a business implicit account system + digital currency wallet. Take two paths of setting up a separate digital merchant management entrance or setting up an independent […]

The latest progress of global central bank digital currency | Six countries hold a group to warm up, the basic design of digital dollar framework is completed

Critical strikes in the beginning of 2020, the epidemic continues, but life must continue, 52CBDC will continue to bring you various information on central bank digital currency and industrial blockchain. The year has passed, and many countries have begun to accelerate the development of CBDC. Next, I will give you an overview of the recent […]

Inside the ICBC internal digital wallet: China leads the currency trend for 3000 years

Text: Mutual chain pulse · Yuan Shang Source: Interchain Pulse China’s innovation in currency has always led the times. On October 29, ICBC’s “Digital Money Wallet Service Agreement” flowed out. One day, Huang Qifan, vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said at the first Bund Financial Summit: “The People’s Bank of China […]

Facebook's WhatsApp plans to launch digital payment service in Indonesia

According to Cointelegraph on August 21, Facebook's communications application WhatsApp is in talks with a number of digital payment companies and a local state-owned bank in order to launch digital payment services in Indonesia. (Source: Pixabay ) Reuters reported that it learned the news from an anonymous channel on August 20. According to reports, WhatsApp […]

Bank of America applies for a cryptocurrency wallet patent, which is similar in design to a multi-signature wallet

According to Coindesk's August 20 report, Bank of America is applying for a patent for the "partition" security system of the digital currency wallet, which allows different users to access different levels of funds. (Source: flickr ) The second largest bank in the United States submitted a patent application called "Multi-Layer Digital Wallet" to the […]

Babbitt column | Xiao Wei: Digital wallet "running the road", is it a strange sin?

The day before yesterday, in a forum of the general economics and the old friends of the industry, PK, the sister-in-law believes that the criminal law risk of the currency-related business is very heavy, not only at home, but also in the international, the anti-money laundering task of the virtual currency (digital currency) is arduous. […]

Chain Tea Visit: Wheat Wallet CTO Eric: How Digital Money Wallets Serve Users, Public Chains and Developers

SLG has always been a favorite type of game for players, and it is also a game category that major manufacturers have invested in. From the page tour era of "Seven Heroes Hegemony", "The Three Kingdoms", to the early days of the mobile game "COK", "Island", and the still fiery "The King of the World", […]