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The most heavy chain rule defect: your main chain I am the master

In the last issue , we talked about ways to prevent new honest transactions from being confirmed by “balanced attacks” on the most heavy chain rules. In this issue, we will talk about another attack method, which we call " segmentation attack . " This type of attack has not been publicly mentioned elsewhere, and […]

Defeat the dry season: Will the miners' northward move be smooth in 2019?

The core competitiveness of mining is energy. Who can find cheap energy means mastering the most core resources in the industry. In the last article, "Digging for Ten Years: Things Are Human Beings, Ideals Still Exist", the threshold of professional miners lies in the grasp of cheap electric energy, and 70% of the world's computing […]

Wu Jihan's latest speech: Analysis of the market, space and time factors affecting the marketability of Bitcoin

This article is intended to convey more market information and does not constitute any investment advice. The content comes from the latest lectures by the bitland mainland co-founder Wu Jiehan at the Macau Station of the "Mars University Global Blockchain Course Summer Class" at the end of August 2019. In the course, Wu Jihan systematically […]

The overlord of the bank blockchain! JPMorgan blockchain network IIN will absorb 400 banks worldwide by the end of the year

Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest bank, joined JPMorgan's blockchain network, the Inter-Bank Information Network (IIN). Image source: Unsplash IIN has been in operation for two years According to the British "Financial Times" reported on September 15, the blockchain program inter-bank information network (IIN) led by JPMorgan Chase was launched in 2017. At present, 320 banks have […]

Viewpoint | Why is the Chinese central bank eager to issue its own digital currency?

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) is poised to become the first major central bank to issue its legal currency digital version to keep up with and control the fast-growing digital economy. However, unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the use of digital renminbi transactions will not be completely anonymized, its value will be as stable […]