Articles of Distributed Business

What is Dimension based on the cross-chain version of EOS?

At present, scalability, privacy protection, distributed storage, consensus mechanisms, governance mechanisms, cross-chain interconnection and other technologies are still the problems faced by most teams in the process of developing and applying blockchain. Challenges are opportunities, and technical bottlenecks in every segment have the potential to generate billions of blockchain projects. The same is true. In […]

Huang Butian released an open letter, revealing three important directions after the VNT Chain main online line

Recently, VNT Chain pre-launched its main online line. The main online line's aggregation chain architecture, technological progress and commercial landing capabilities are particularly concerned. At the same time, a joint open letter from Dr. Huang Butian, the founder of VNT Chain and the founder of Yunxiang Blockchain, sparked widespread discussion and conjecture. In an open […]

Opinion: How does the distributed business of blockchain change the status quo of monopoly?

After more than ten years of development, blockchain technology has grown from 1.0 to 3.0, gradually developing a pattern of coexistence of public, private and alliance chains. With the development of blockchain technology, the standardization of blockchain technology is growing. Only when standardization can be interconnected can network effects be generated, the true value of […]

Babbitt column | Development opportunities for distributed business organizations

Industrial production has spawned modern enterprises, achieving economies of scale and improving product quality. Unlike traditional, self-employed, old-fashioned production methods, modern companies separate ownership and management. Under the management's convening, organization and management, the relevant production factors such as capital, technology, talents, materials, etc. are efficiently combined to manufacture and provide cheap products or services, […]