Articles of Distributed Storage

Blockchain distributed storage: a new storage model for ecological big data

Blockchain, deservedly the most beautiful word of 2019, shines in the technology field and stars in the physical industry. The 1024 speech in 2019 gave a new look to the word blockchain. Previously, it was always associated with MLM and fraud. The word "blockchain" was always covered in gray. But nowadays, blockchain is closely linked […]

Ethereum 2.0 code audit will be completed in February next year, and the storage contract mainnet may be launched in July

"Everything is becoming a reality," Ethereum 2.0 coordinator Danny Ryan publicly stated in the latest Ethereum 2.0 progress report, Trustnodes reported on December 21. Image source: pixabay He said that the security audit company Least Authority will conduct a comprehensive security audit of "Ethereum 2.0 core client phase 0 specifications, focusing on some key items, […]

Viewpoint | Is the exchange the only way out for the project?

PGS is on the line of Matcha Exchange, and the price has risen 63 times. It has become a project of earning enough eyeballs after the resonance of the VDS. The team claims to be "not doing things, only pulling the plate." As it turns out, he really did. The K-line, which has risen for […]

Is it true and false? Teach you how to tell what is true PoC

In 2014, the consensus mechanism of PoC (Capacity Certification) was formally proposed, initially applied to Burst's project. All miners get the rewards by packing the blocks by searching for the correct hash value by storing the data themselves. At first, PoC did not attract widespread attention. At that time, everyone's attention was focused on how […]

Lambda He Xiaoyang: It is foolish to change the white paper, and the blockchain is advancing in exploration.

"The world is chaotic, no one can predict the future. What we can do is to ensure a good result. If you ask for the correct path, do I think it is a bit childish? The company that survived the Internet for 20 years has only a single digit, the currency. The same is true […]

Distributed storage blockchain system: the future of human data infrastructure?

By providing a blockchain system for distributed storage, data producers can maintain their own data, which is a start. Further, data makers can realize the benefits of data through different methods and channels. We can also share data from the robot in this way. A future with ownership of its own data and the ability […]