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Popular science | Is distributed, decentralized, multi-centralized the same thing?

A truck of bricks needs to be moved to the construction site efficiently and quickly. The foreman called for a large group of workers to move. Each person only needed to move a few pieces per trip, and it was soon finished. The task posted by the foreman is called a " distributed " task. […]

How to achieve effective supervision through distributed key technology?

Author: Kao Cheng real This article is the periodic work report of the "Key Steward" research group. I. Asymmetric cryptography is the cornerstone of building blockchain applications Asymmetric cryptography has always played a key role in information systems, and has become the basis for building many core functions of information systems. In the blockchain system, […]

Perspectives | Zheng Lei, Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute: Blockchain is naturally suitable for social welfare scenarios

Source: Huoxun Finance Editor's Note: The original title was "Lei Zheng: How Blockchain Solves the Credit Problem in Charity." This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention. On the evening of February 10th, Zheng Lei, Ph.D., Director of the Digital Economic Research Center of the Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute, […]

Explain the centralization, distribution, decentralization, and state machines in Trisomy from the epidemic prevention and control

Author: village two old Centralized, decentralized, and distributed comparative analysis. Take epidemic prevention and control as an example. For friends who have just been in contact with the blockchain, or even industry people who have been in the blockchain for a long time, they are often confused about many concepts in the blockchain. Today, we […]

Anti-virus, how to win a distributed war?

Source: Star Joint Venture Author: Guo Aerospace Viruses are extremely distributed, but we are dealing with them in a centralized way. The outbreak of a gunshot, the Chinese bought the global masks short in seven days, and the network gathered Chinese forces distributed worldwide Embracing distributed forces and carrying out large-scale network-based collaborations, China will […]

Can distributed search engines challenge Google's dominance?

Source: Hackernoon Translation: First Class (First.VIP) Some startups have proposed the concept of a distributed search engine, focusing on the decentralized ideas behind building Web 3.0. Despite the complexity of creating a fully functional and workable distributed search engine, they are always trying various models to achieve this. Who would have thought that this story […]

Gu Yanxi: Migration from a centralized information network to a distributed value network

In my previous article on Facebook's stabilization of coins, I believe that Facebook should give full play to its advantages as a channel and cooperate with other financial institutions to conduct financial business instead of doing financial business directly (see my article, not dead). Facebook stable currency ). In this era of blockchain, Facebook's choices […]