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Yao Qian: What is the role and value of blockchain construction in epidemic prevention and control?

Author: Yao ago Source: Contemporary financiers Editor's Note: The original title was "Qiao Yao, Science and Technology Bureau of the CSRC: The Role and Value of Blockchain Construction in Epidemic Prevention and Control" Technology is an important means to fight the new crown epidemic. Proper use of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, supercomputers, robots, drones, […]

Blockchain donation system is useless because these issues are not taken into account

Text: Zhao Xuejiao Source: Zinc Link The slow redeployment of materials by the Wuhan Red Cross has aroused suspicion from the public. Combined with the characteristics of blockchain technology, cross-validation can be achieved, the difficulty of forging information is increased, and the credibility of the information on the chain is enhanced. The biggest advantage of […]

2020: Nonprofits fall in love with Bitcoin?

Microsoft accepts Bitcoin. No one cares. why? Because if you want people to give up their bitcoin, you better have a good reason. Microsoft and other companies that accept BTC have no such reason. When you use BTC to buy something from Microsoft, using this payment method does not have any extra financial benefits than […]

Blockchain industry under epidemic situation: ideal is trust, reality is empowerment

Author: Joyce Source: Blockchain Outpost During the Spring Festival, the epidemic was raging, and the rising number of confirmed diagnoses put the whole country in a state of tension and affected all walks of life to varying degrees. Blockchain companies are also actively donating gifts to help areas with severe epidemics. But this epidemic also […]

Red Cross, we have a way for you: it's time for some new technology!

Source: Block rhythm Editor's Note: The original title was "Red Cross, Let's Find a Way for You" When "Knight Island" with the background of "People's Daily" sent a message to the Hubei Red Cross to respond, people's anger towards the Red Cross had reached its extreme point. After Shou Guang donated vegetables to Wuhan, but […]

South Korea's SK Group will establish a blockchain-based donation platform to issue two platform tokens

"Korean Daily" technical publication "North Korea Information Technology" reported that C&C, the IT department of South Korea's SK Group, one of South Korea's largest groups, will create a blockchain donation platform and issue two new tokens on the platform. (Source: Pixabay ) The platform will be built using the Ripple Xcurrent solution, a real-time full […]