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At least 1.6 million BTC stones sink into the sea! Why is Bitcoin scarier than you think?

Source: coinmetrics Compile: Shallot The actual circulation of BTC is 16.3 million, leaving less than 3 million bitcoins for mining. At 8:4 on October 19, the bitcoin block reached 600,000 and the 18 million bitcoin was dug up. The onion query found that as of now, the total flow of Bitcoin is 18,056,950. However, according […]

Bitcoin is digital gold and a payment tool

Written in front: The author of this article is Nik Bhatia, who has worked on both traditional financial market transactions and Bitcoin. He realized that bitcoin is digital gold. But when he realized the value of the lightning network, he began to devote himself to Bitcoin. He believes that with the lightning network, people no […]

MakerDAO founder: ETH is the most stable choice for the Dai ecosystem in terms of value drivers

The latest upgrade to MakerDAO is considered to be of paramount importance to the ecosystem as it seeks to enhance the use of Dai tokens in the real world. Maker founder Rune Christensen recently shared the company's expected roadmap in an interview with Blockcrunch, particularly with regard to the transition from single-backed Dai to multi-collateralized […]

Fidelity Digital Asset Services is licensed by NYDFS to operate a cryptocurrency custodial platform

According to Cointelegraph's November 20 report, Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS) has been licensed by the New York Financial Services Authority (NYDFS) to operate a virtual currency custody and execution platform on which institutional investors and individuals can participate. Store, buy, and transfer bitcoins. (Source: needpix ) Financial Services Director Linda A. Lacewell pointed out: […]

Is the anti-ASIC algorithm beneficial to the security of the PoW?

Foreword: This article clearly believes that ASIC-friendly algorithms can get ordinary mining machine manufacturers to participate, while anti-ASIC encryption algorithms set a high threshold for ordinary mining machine manufacturers, resulting in more competitive advantages for large manufacturers. Concentrating mining is not conducive to the security of cryptocurrency. Monroe believes that the anti-ASIC algorithm allows the […]

What is the actual trading volume of Bitcoin?

Source: Medium Author: Charles Edwards, Translation: First Class (First.VIP)_Jill Editor's Note: The original title is "The Impact of Bitcoin Derivative Market Growth on the Future of Bitcoin" In 2019, the main use of Bitcoin was still investment and speculation. On the surface, from the transaction volume of the bitcoin spot market, the situation is not […]

Twitter Featured | Encrypted Cats Entangled Ethereum, Gods Unchained can screw it up

Author: March only hope Source: Wildflowers 01 Card game Gods Unchained is hot, or jams Ethereum network Data Analysis Platform 1. On November 17, Ethereum ERC-721 token transfer exceeded 3.7 million, four times the highest record two weeks ago (846,000). 2. The popularity of the card game Gods Unchained is the main reason for […]

The cryptocurrency wallet GateHub data was leaked and 1.4 million account information was stolen

Security researchers at the data leak index website "Have I Been Pwned" said that password data and personal information of 2.2 million users on two websites were leaked. On November 19th, Ars Technica reported that security researcher Troy Hunt confirmed that the stolen data came from the account of the cryptocurrency wallet GateHub and the […]

Li Lihui, former president of Bank of China: The blockchain needs to be scaled up, and it is urgent to break through five technical bottlenecks.

Author: Li Lihui 'Chinese Finance Association of Internet block chain working group, Bank of China, the former president' Article source: China Finance, No. 22, 2019 Editor's Note: The original title is "Interpretation of Blockchain"   Blockchain technology architecture The blockchain is a distributed shared ledger with digital trust established by each participant based on the […]

Featured | Read the Ethereum community new favorite MarketingDAO

Today's content includes: 1. Read the Marketing DAO in one article. 2. Three financial fronts of the global digital currency war 3. History of cryptocurrency exchanges: look at the most powerful institutions in our industry 4, blockchain development company ranking 5. Value investment ignores “intangible assets” Read the Marketing DAO in one article This is […]