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"E-commerce + blockchain": The time has come to subvert Amazon?

A Gartner report said that the commercial value-added services of the blockchain in 2025 will exceed $176 billion, and will then exceed $310 billion in 2030. There is no doubt that more and more companies are adopting blockchain technology to improve the security, timeliness and scalability of online businesses. This is the case in the […]

Chief Technology Officer, Bitfury Group: Blockchain accelerates e-commerce and reduces trust costs

The financial community invited John Mercurio, the chief technology officer of the Bitfury Group, to answer all your questions about the blockchain. Blockchain will seamlessly link multi-party e-commerce The financial world: What changes do you think will happen to the business services industry in the next five years due to the use of blockchain technology? […]

"618" shopping festival e-commerce giants trick play blockchain experts said that relying on "chain" to solve commodity security "a little difficult"

The mid-year shopping festival "618" kicked off, and the major e-commerce platforms made every effort to attract consumers with various marketing methods. It is interesting to note that as a new generation of information technology, the blockchain with the natural features of “pseudo-fidelity” has been gradually applied to the traceability of commodity safety, and has […]

How does Newton, the second phase of the Firecoin Prime project, break the traditional e-commerce?

On April 12th, the core team of Newton (NEW), the second phase of the Fire Money Prime project, was a guest at the ChainNode live room. What is the background behind the team behind Newton? In addition to the online fire coin Prime, what new actions does Newton have? E-commerce DAPP on Newton's public chain […]