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Ray Dalio's latest 4D Long Article: Quietly Changing World Patterns and Macro Cycles

Translator: Yuan Yuxin and Liu Jiapei Source: Yuyuan Yuxin The founder and chief investment officer of Bridgewater Fund, Ray Dalio, uses Bridgewater Fund's excellent performance, decades of deep insights into the global macro market, and two books, Principles and Debt Crisis, to explain personal life The principle of work, one that explains the operation law […]

Dalio 7600-word long article: What does zero interest rate mean?

Source: Wall Street News Guide: Dalio believes that a decline in long-term interest rates to zero means that almost all assets will go lower, because the positive effects of interest rate cuts no longer exist (at least not very effective). Zero interest rate means that almost all the Reserve Bank's interest rate stimulus tools (including […]

National consumption code, national digital currency, 40 trillion new infrastructure and ABCDE five weapons to save the economy

The new crown pneumonia has caused huge damage to China and the world economy. In the beginning, people watched the fire from the shore, but confirmed cases have spread to all continents except Antarctica. The outbreak on February 26 saw many unexpected "inflection points"-the number of confirmed infection cases outside China exceeded that of China […]

How to design a token economic model? Start with a meaningful goal

Designing a token economy begins with setting a meaningful goal. Once Bitcoin is released, it has its own life, and your token should be like this. As a blockchain architect, designing the cryptocurrency token economy is my way of making a living. After a certain work experience, I would like to give some advice to […]