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Cognitive disruption of front-line practitioners of blockchain: Bitcoin, token economy and DeFi

Guo Qiang Graduated from the Astronomy Department of Beijing Normal University. Angel investors and practitioners who focus on the new blockchain and technology track, deputy chairman of the Zhongguancun Angel Investment Alliance Blockchain Special Committee, partner of Pufeng Venture Capital, founder of BUMO public chain, founder of Ratio Fintech, Founder of the Economic Practice Alliance, […]

Zhu Jiaming: "History will not 'fuse'"

On March 20, 2020, the Moganshan Institute and Moganshan University jointly hosted the online Moganshan Lecture Hall. The theme of the first issue was Wang Xiaolu's new book "Looking Back at the Great Depression and Roosevelt's New Deal", and Zhu Jiaming, co-director of the Academic Committee of the Moganshan Institute, spoke with Wang Xiaolu. The […]

Blockchain is a Critical Underlying Technology Architecture for Correcting the Digital Process of the Economy | Return to Common Sense

Now when it comes to the digital economy, it is more from the technical level, that is, the perspective of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain, to interpret and analyze the development of technology to the economy. In fact, what we read is more about the part that has […]

Zhu Jiaming's New Work: Recognizing Future Currency Needs New Thought Resources

Author: Zhu Jiaming Source: Digital Economy Commune Editor's Note: This article is the preface of the famous economist Zhu Jiaming for Dr. Long Baitao's new book "Digital Currency: Inheritance and Innovation from Slate Economy to Digital Economy". We have entered the third decade of the 21st century. No one can really anticipate what events in […]

The impact of blockchain on China's macroeconomic future, Zhu Min answered me like this

At the third Asian Finance Forum held yesterday, Zhu Min, a well-known Chinese economist, Dean of the International Finance Institute of Tsinghua University, former vice president of the IMF, and former vice president of the People's Bank of China, gave a wonderful keynote speech to the guests. . From the perspective of macroeconomics, Zhu Min […]

Opinion: Bitcoin is shaping a new economic class

Bitcoin is creating a new economic class, people in this class no longer rely on traditional financial institutions, said Tuur Demeester, a senior investor in cryptocurrency. Adamant Research, a blockchain data company led by Tuur Demeester, recently published a research paper called "Bitcoin Reform," linking Bitcoin to reform. One of the highlights of the 18-page […]

In the second half of the Internet, can the blockchain solve the economic difficulties of the platform?

With the rapid development of digital technology, the human society has moved from the traditional industrial era driven by capitalism to the information age. In this process, the global platform economy has risen strongly. According to China Information and Communication Institute, the platform model has become an important organization for enterprise production and operation. Before […]

The future of Bitcoin under the Great Depression

During the National Day of China, the US stock market crashed in a week, the European market collapsed, and Bitcoin was in a low position. The market has a strong wait-and-see attitude, and it seems that everyone is tossing and turning and frightened. The United States released the latest survey indicators. In September, the US […]

Can the blockchain help “Yang Anze” to “send money” better?

He (Yang Anze) will become the first frank Gothic president in history – Elon Musk As the most promising 2020 Democratic presidential candidate in the dark horse posture, Yang Anze began to be familiar in the currency circle, stemming from the previous claim that “accepted campaign donations include Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other ERC20 standard […]

Cycle observation | market, economy and cycle (below)

In the previous issue (click to read) , we outlined the emergence of the crisis. Next, we will combine Ray Dalio's analysis of the economic system to further explain how the cycle should respond and evaluate the BTC from a more comprehensive perspective. value. Ray Dalio's analysis of the economic system In "How Economic Machines […]