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Interdisciplinary, industry-education integration: the first blockchain major in China is here

Source of this article: The Science and Technology Daily , the original title "The first major of the blockchain undergraduate major comes, teaches both knowledge and practice" Author: Sheng Li Tao Yuxiang A few days ago, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the filing and approval of undergraduate majors in ordinary colleges and […]

Viewpoint | Blockchain + Education Scenario Analysis: What kind of "evaluation" requires a blockchain?

Source of this article: Everyone is a product manager , the original title "The Core Role of Blockchain and Analysis of Mainstream Education Scenarios" Author: Nik What can the blockchain do? Different people have different views on what the blockchain can do. For example, the blockchain can bring a brand-new organizational form, which can construct […]

Delayed resumption, the teacher was “forced” to open an online business and see what the blockchain can do?

Source: 52CBDC Recently, due to the epidemic situation, most schools have delayed opening hours. At the same time, in order not to delay the class process of students, most schools offer online courses for online courses. In fact, online courses have become a very common phenomenon in the modern society with advanced networks. But regarding […]

Visit the country's first "Blockchain + Big Data + Education" project: What happens when education meets the blockchain?

Source: Hebei Daily , original title "When Education Meets" Blockchain "-The First National" Blockchain + Big Data + Education "Project, Visit to Langfang Educational Data Monitoring Platform" Reporter Xie Li Huo Xiangbo Correspondent Du Minglei "Data Drives Schools, Analyzes Education for Change." A few days ago, the nation's first "blockchain + big data + education" […]