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Singapore Monetary Authority: Proposed cryptocurrency derivatives to be listed on the Compliance Exchange

Yesterday, the Singapore Central Bank and financial regulator, the Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS), proposed to allow cryptocurrency derivatives to be listed and traded on approved local exchanges. The Singapore Monetary Authority said in a statement on Wednesday that under this proposal, derivatives transactions related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum will be subject to […]

Jimmy Song: I want to treat every kind of competitive currency as a scam.

Translator's Note: The author of this article is the bitcoin evangelist Jimmy Song. In his article, he analyzed the valuation sources of competitive coins. He believes that the success of the coin is not related to factors such as technical functions, but related to marketing. During the bitcoin bull market, successful marketing can push up […]

Mosaic/Coinbase Joint Report: Development Status of Anonymous Coins

Source: Encrypted Valley Original author: Eli Ndinga Translation: Harry Zhang In 2019, Mosaic had the opportunity to introduce to Coinbase's institutional investors the topic of "the development of anonymous currency". The study lasted nearly a month and was led by author Eli Ndinga. As far as methodology is concerned, the “Development Status of Anonymous Coins” […]

Anonymous, huge amount, where the "Goldman Sachs" in the currency circle is screaming and making a fortune?

Author: nealwen Source: WOOTRAD According to CoinMarketCap, there are more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies, more than 20,000 trading pairs, and 7×24 hours. I don't know what to buy, it doesn't matter. The currency circle has always been a kind of investment method – buying and selling. Whether it's WeChat, the big investment V on Weibo, or […]

Read the current situation and development trend of cryptocurrency wallet products

Author: Richard Chen, San Francisco early encrypted risk fund 1confirmation Partner Compile: Zhan Wei Source: Chain smell Wallets are a key infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. The behavior of each encryption field, whether it is to buy or sell cryptocurrency, long-term holding cryptocurrency, sending cryptocurrency, mortgage cryptocurrency, etc., depends on the wallet in some way. The wallet […]

Comments | Desperate currency circle, princes will be related to each other?

I think of an article by Messari analyzing Tezos: Tezos has doubled its market value, but its usage rate is extremely low. Still can't escape the empty block problem of the new chain. Although the price of Tezos has grown steadily over the past year, there has been no corresponding increase in activity across the […]

12 famous people from all walks of life, why do they enter Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ruibo…

Whether it's promoting shampoo or encrypting Token, celebrities are the best ads. Given all the benefits that financial technology can offer, more and more celebrities are starting to enter the blockchain as investors and brand ambassadors. Proficient technology is a new and sexy point. If you think that non-technical people don't understand digital science, please […]

Circle transformation: from Goldman Sachs, Baidu sought after, to give up bitcoin payment and change to stable currency

Founded for 6 years, Circle is a well-deserved star blockchain project – known as "US version of Alipay", which has been favored by Goldman Sachs, Baidu, and Bitland. It has completed 5 rounds of financing, with a total financing of more than 250 million, and a peak valuation of 30. One hundred million U.S. dollars. […]

"Encryption Mom": US encryption talent is losing, clear regulation is imminent

Hess Peirce, a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) commissioner, is not a typical government official. She is a liberal regulator and her friendly attitude towards digital currency has earned her the title of “encrypted mother”. But Peirce is also not a typical encryption enthusiast. One example is that she doesn't like the word "ecosystem" […]

Let the girl in the rice circle enter the coin circle

The play of the currency circle is extending to the rice circle (fan circle). Recently, South Korea's largest entertainment company SM (SMEntertainment) publicly announced a new business – plans to issue their own currency. From the stigmatized star-fighting family to the rice circle culture gradually accepted by the public, the star-hunting star has gradually evolved […]