Articles of Encryption Assets

CoinShares In-Depth Report: Read the past, present and future of encrypted assets

CoinShares has published an in-depth report on cryptographic assets , which is very valuable. Meltem Demirors, CoinShares' Chief Strategy Officer, has written a number of insightful articles, including: " How do cryptocurrency investors interpret Dalio's "paradigm shift" investment theme? "The cryptocurrency industry is modern alchemy. " The Coinshares report reviews major events and economic conditions […]

Comparative Analysis of Internet Bubble and Encrypted Asset Bubble

Almost all markets experience bubbles at some point, but not all bubbles are the same, and some of them are often more concerned with events, speculations, or potential impacts on the global economy. At some stage of the company's development, the price of its stock has fallen sharply: GOPRO (GoPro): -95%, FIT (FitBit): -92%; LC […]

Institutional running into the blockchain: Who are, what, what is the impact?

One of the most mentioned words this year should be the institution's entry. Everyone has already heard the news of many institutions entering the market, including asset management agencies, investment banks, social giants, etc., big and small can really be said to be a lot. Different institutions have different appeals and different purposes. Which institutions […]

Blockchain Security | How do hackers steal your encrypted assets from their mobile phones?

Detection of vulnerabilities based on web page verification code mechanism In the blockchain industry, each user has more or less registered some accounts (exchanges, blockchain communities) on some websites. When these accounts involve money or benefits, the security of the account is a very The issue that deserves attention, so the security of the account […]

Facebook encryption project Libra surfaced, Visa and MasterCard "take in"

Facebook is recruiting dozens of financial companies and online merchants to help its massive social network launch a cryptocurrency-based payment system. If successful, Facebook may overturn the traditional, lucrative e-commerce channel and may become the most mainstream cryptocurrency application. In fact, Facebook has been under great pressure during this time because regulators, users and shareholders […]