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Babbitt column | The contours of the next round of payment changes: the road to break through digital currency payments

In the previous article, the author mentioned that for all the currency people, how to use traditional payment tools such as Alipay and WeChat, such as digital wallet, has been a hot topic in the industry. Throughout the relevant discussions, it is not difficult to find a very interesting point: when people discuss the topic […]

The future of credit, currency and digital currency

Author: Kay's Story The history of mankind is a constant repetition. The previous article, "The Future of Bitcoin in the Great Depression of the World," has caused a lot of heated discussions. The points of intense discussion are mainly concentrated on two: one is time and the other is concrete. Coincidentally, Buffett now holds $122 […]

Cook: Apple has no intention of pushing digital cryptocurrencies, hoping that trade barriers in Europe and the United States will return to normal.

According to foreign media reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Thursday that he hopes to see trade barriers in Europe and the United States return to normal. For the current high-profile digital cryptocurrency project, Cook said that Apple has no plans yet . Cook said in a conversation with students in Florence, Italy yesterday: […]

Viewpoint | Say goodbye to traffic and funds, is there still value in digital currency?

The development of the blockchain after the capital's ebb tide is indeed returning to calm, but the story about the blockchain is no less than before. Say goodbye to the development model with capital as the main driving force, and now the development of blockchain is mostly concentrated in the scope of technology and application. […]

A picture to understand the world currency and market

Foreword: How big is the current asset market in the world? What proportion of bitcoin and cryptocurrency is in the entire world currency and market? It feels like a slap in the face, understand this, you can know that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are still childish and early. The proportion of assets in the world money […]

Sina's "Oasis" Thinking: The key to the development of the cryptocurrency industry lies in the business ecology behind it.

These two days were all screened by Sina Oasis posters, and they returned to the era of Netease Black Diamond and Majibao at the beginning of last year. As with the previous two, various analyses in the industry have emerged one after another. It is quite interesting that so far, most of the research has […]

National Financial and Development Laboratory Yang Tao: Redefining the Micro Foundation of Money under the Digital Trend

The emergence of encrypted digital currency shows that digitalization has brought about the possibility of reconstruction of the financial industry chain and the boundaries of financial organizations, and the transformation of digital financial infrastructure has been “snapped”. This requires a new thinking from theory to practice. We must use this as an entry point to […]

Babbitt Column | Encrypted World: The Pirates of Dream Space in the Matrix of Digital Money

Those who are familiar with "The Matrix" and "Pirates of the Dream" must be impressed by the "double world" and "multi-layered dreams" in the film. Similar subtle ideas will shake the reality, dreams and subconsciousness in tandem. In-depth, sympathetic, so that the viewers screamed. This "multi-layered space" is an excellent reference for understanding the complex […]

Getting started with blockchain | What is token destruction, why destroy tokens?

We often see news of certain tokens being destroyed in news reports in the industry. So, what is token destruction? How is the token destroyed? Why is the token destroyed? Today, we will try to answer these three questions. Coin Burning is the permanent removal of tokens from circulation. In other words, the tokens that […]

Global “City Currency” Inventory: These 13 countries and regions plan to “enclosure” currency

At a time when blockchain and cryptocurrency waves are sweeping across the globe and the prospects for central bank cryptocurrencies are unclear, the introduction of regional cryptocurrencies in major cities around the world seems to be booming. Asia, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan; Europe, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine; America, Canada; Africa's Orion… 31QU According to […]