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Is JPMorgan’s cryptocurrency valuable?

1. Does JP Morgan Chase plan to enter the remittance market? In addition, Coindesk claims that Umar Farooq, the leader of JPMorgan's blockchain, wants to use JPM Coin for mobile payments. Therefore, JPMorgan Chase can enter the remittance through JPM Coin. Explain that remittances are international remittances between private individuals. At present, remittances are a […]

In-depth research report: cryptocurrency is an important weapon against hegemonism

In the 19th century, few economists imagined that the dollar would make the pound the world's major currency in the next century. Most people cannot foresee how US banks, companies and US foreign policy can push the global economic order to the next millennium. The primacy of the dollar allows US policymakers to deploy financial […]

Wall Street crocodile enters the world's largest investment bank Goldman Sachs has established a cryptocurrency team

A list of recruits completely exposed Goldman's determination to enter the cryptocurrency market. On July 10th, Goldman Sachs, one of the world's largest investment banks, updated its recruitment information on its official website and added the position of “Digital Asset Project Manager”. The job recruitment requirements reveal two important pieces of information: 1. Goldman Sachs […]

Coin's CEO: India's encryption ban may make more people want to hold cryptocurrency

Translator: Play the coin family ElaineHu Since Bitcoin currently trades at a premium of $500 in India, Chan Chan's CEO, Zhao Changpeng (CZ) believes that India's decision to ban cryptocurrencies will only lead to more people turning to decentralized assets. Coin Ants against India's ban on Bitcoin Zhao Changpeng, CEO of the company, commented on […]

India will conduct cryptocrime investigation training

The Indian National Police Academy Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA), in order to let senior police officers understand the operation of blockchain technology and equip them with the key skills needed to conduct a bitcoin-related crime investigation, July 7, 2019, Hard Fork reports on a new education program. India closes the door of […]

Encrypted currency and class crossing: After the layout is over, are you expecting a bull market there?

Figure: If “coin influence” is an equation, then “asset weight” and “discourse weight” are two variables that cannot be ignored. Second, it is getting harder and harder, the ordinary class is in the three stages of the encryption market layout. 1. The first stage: 2010~2012 The first phase of the encryption market is mainly in […]

Can Christina Lagarde support the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies to help?

Will ECB support Bitcoin? Lagarde, who was recently nominated as the president of the European Central Bank, has repeatedly published cryptocurrency-related remarks, which investors interpret as supportive attitudes. In April of this year, Lagarde commented that financial institutions and regulators underestimated the potential influence of digital currencies in the industry. Lagarde warned that digital assets […]

Apple introduced CryptoKit, an encryption developer tool, and the large-scale adoption of encryption is coming soon?

According to Newsbtc's June 5 report, Cupertino-based technology giant Apple held its annual Global Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 4th, releasing the latest product lineup, although new products. First released to the public, but the theme of the conference is mainly about the future development of the Apple Software Development Kit (SDK). Among them, a […]

US SEC rulemaking does not harm the encryption startup encryption technology but is beneficial

The SEC's guidance creates a more attractive environment for regulated technology companies such as Facebook to provide them with proprietary cryptographic assets that are integrated into existing products that can be used as non-securities in existing cryptographic transactions. Legal transactions. At the same time, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has set the startup's encryption […]

Studies have shown that the encryption hijacking behavior for consumers is "essentially extinct"

Internet security company MalwareBytes said in a report released on April 23 that illegal cryptocurrency mining (or encryption hijacking) targeting consumers is "essentially extinct." According to the report, after the mining service CoinHive in the browser was closed in early March (when the team claimed that the project was not economically viable), the encryption hijacking […]