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Viewpoint | Cheng Xiaoming, "Godfather of the New Three Boards": What are the pain points of enterprises that can be solved by blockchain "chain reform"

Moderator: Mr. Cheng, you are praised by the industry as the "Godfather of the New Third Board". He has unique insights and in-depth theoretical research on the New Third Board, OTC markets, technology and finance. It is also the initiator of chain reform, so in what scenarios do you think it is necessary to do […]

What can a blockchain do for various companies?

Author: Olya Green, Taraxa 8 min read   The practicality of blockchain technology will depend on whether trusted intermediaries can bridge the gap between the digital world and the real world. -Harvard Business Review, 2019 When a company is fully deploying a new technology architecture, executives often ask the question: "How much does it cost?" […]

2019 Global Enterprise Blockchain Benchmark Study Report (Full Text)

Translator's Foreword: Recently, the University of Cambridge Alternative Financial Center released the second phase of the global enterprise blockchain benchmark research report, based on 160 entities in 49 countries and 67 enterprise areas deployed in the production environment. According to the data of the blockchain network, most of the current enterprise blockchain plans belong to […]

How does the enterprise blockchain + identity design design an identity model for the licensing chain?

Adopting license chain technology in the enterprise is a challenging road. Fundamentally, the so-called Web3 stack based on distributed ledgers is not mature for implementing complex enterprise business processes. In the missing building blocks of the enterprise blockchain platform, identity is a top priority as a ubiquitous challenge for next-generation enterprise solutions. This article explores […]