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Blockchain war "epidemic" action (1): big data application

People in the currency circle follow their original intentions and naturally "chain earn". I have the "Four PAI" plan: the "action pie" series that I really participated in, the "Xie Xie Pie" series that I am interested in discussing, the "Yi Mi Pie" series of global intelligence, and the advanced "Xue Yuan Pie" series. This […]

6 dimensions explain how the Ethereum network responds to the global market under the impact of coronavirus

Source: ConsenSys Compile: Unitimes_David In the past few weeks, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol has experienced an unprecedented test. Although the global situation has gradually recovered from the COVID-19 crisis, the test of DeFi and traditional finance continues. On February 12, the Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S & P 500 closed at record highs. A […]

Cao Yin: An economic crisis or an important opportunity for the rise of DeFi in an epidemic

The New Crown epidemic is raging globally. At present, except for East Asia, the epidemic is still spreading rapidly in all countries. Although the governments of various countries have done everything they can, no one knows when the epidemic can be controlled. For most people who are not sick, what is more terrible than the […]

Research PoW mining to find out: why crypto miners may become the new killer virus killer

New crown virus is still raging around the world, and all walks of life are actively participating in the fight against the epidemic. In the blockchain industry, the chain circle actively develops related platforms to help trace the epidemic prevention materials on the chain; it has not found a "sphere of use" in the mining […]

Babbitt Column | Baishi: Can quantitative easing save the economy?

Author: Bai Shi Pan, National University of Singapore professor, dean of School of Finance Li Bai, former president of the Monetary Authority of Singapore Institute (This article was originally published in Singapore Lianhe Zaobao) After nearly 12 years since the global financial crisis in 2008, US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell has once again launched former […]

Dialogue | The epidemic connects everyone more closely to the digital world blockchain makes it more credible

Text | Interlink College [Interlink Pulse] In the course of fighting the epidemic, various new business models and production relations have taken the air and have developed rapidly, and we have also seen new opportunities for the blockchain. Then the blockchain How to combine with new business models and new production relationships? At 8 pm […]

Under the epidemic, how can blockchain make public welfare easier?

Nine years ago, a Guo Meimei incident immediately broke the image of a certain association. In January this year, the death of Wu Yanhua, a college student in Guizhou, involved news that the 9958 rescue center was suspected of "delaying money" and "hoarding money in disguise." And recently, an epidemic has once again plunged Mr. […]

Dialogue | Community epidemic prevention on the chain, data security can be checked

By Wang Qiao Edit / Sole Show The epidemic is still ongoing, and it is urgent to resume work and production. The crowd of people has brought pressure to the management of communities and other public places. Community epidemic prevention has become a vital link. However, the use of paper passes has exposed the shortcomings […]

Babbitt Column | Instinct and Evolution, Panic and Reason, Investment Thinking in Epidemics

Living and living better is the ultimate meaning of all human activities in any age. Humans have evolved all the way from the ape-man. There are two instincts that helped humans survive and reproduce, but now they are gnawing at humans: one is the excessive intake of food, and the other is the overreaction to […]

Opinion | Why use blockchain technology to improve the national infectious disease surveillance and early warning system?

Source of this article: Everyone is a product manager Author: Huang Rui The author has recently written two consecutive articles on the use of blockchain technology to improve and optimize the early warning system for infectious diseases: "Improving the National Infectious Disease Surveillance and Warning Network with Blockchain Technology" and " Constructing Regional Grassroots Linkages […]