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There are joys and sorrows, the blockchain battles of the Big Four accounting firms

Author: Chen Source: Finance and Economics Network on Finance On October 16, Ernst & Young announced the official launch of the EY OpsChain Public Finance Manager (PFM). According to Ernst & Young, EY OpsChain PFM is a blockchain-based solution designed to help governments improve the financial management process for public funds. Currently, the solution has […]

Ernst & Young Blockchain Supervisor: Ethereum will be the largest blockchain, and 99% of cryptocurrencies face compliance issues

On June 22nd, Paul Brody, Global Innovation & Blockchain Technology Leader from Ernst & Young, one of the global audit “Big Four”, attended the WBF Blockchain Conference in Singapore and published “Deep Scalability: New Opportunities for the 2019 Blockchain 》. In his speech, he not only talked about Ernst & Young's observations on the blockchain […]

Ernst & Young opens Ethereum private trading source code "Nightfall" to enterprises

According to Coindesk, on May 31, the four major audit firm Ernst & Young opened the code for the Ethereum blockchain private trading solution called Nightfall on GitHub. (Source: Pixabay ) According to the description on GitHub, the agreement is designed to be traded on Ethereum in the context of "complete privacy." Nightfall integrates a […]

Ernst & Young: Blockchain solutions for wine traceability platforms

According to Cointelegraph, May 28, Ernst & Young (EY), one of the world's four largest accounting firms, recently revealed in its official press release that it is providing a blockchain solution for a new platform that will help Asian countries. Consumers verify the quality, origin and authenticity of wines imported from Europe. (Source: flickr ) […]

Blockchain analysis tool can calculate tax, "four big" rushing beach encryption asset audit

On April 16th, at the annual Ernst & Young Global Blockchain Summit, Ernst & Young issued three new blockchain development projects: the second generation of Ernst & Young blockchain analyzers, Ernst & Young smart contract analyzers and zero-knowledge proofs. protocol. The second generation of Ernst & Young blockchain analyzer The Ernst & Young Blockchain Analyzer […]