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Crypto asset management in the second half, the path to the break of the active ETF

Lead: 1. The global ETF management scale has grown rapidly, reaching nearly US $ 6 trillion in 2019, doubling its size in four years; asset management giants BlackRock (iShares), Vanguard, and State Street all use ETFs as their main asset management products; 2. Passive ETFs, as the main force in ETF products, target index tracking, […]

Depth: How far is the cryptocurrency ETF in the future?

WisdomTree, a large asset management company with $ 63.8 billion in assets, is rumored to be planning to issue a regulated stablecoin-awaiting approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company could make huge strides with this move. This move will bring a unique combination of corporate-level and financial supervision experience to the […]

The curse of the Bitcoin ETF: Passing forever "Next Year"?

Original: A poplar tree Bitcoin's latest whiteknight hasn't slain the dragon. (Bitcoin once again "slaughter" lost) – "Wall Street Journal" On October 10th, just as Bitwise's confidence in the approval of the Bitcoin ETF was full, the boots that were scheduled to be on the 14th deadline were prematurely delayed: The ETF transaction plan submitted […]

SEC Chairman: Bitcoin will not board the traditional mainstream exchanges before strengthening supervision

According to CNBC, US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton said on Thursday that Bitcoin will not be listed on mainstream exchanges until it is strengthened. Investors should remain vigilant before this. Bitcoin currently has a market capitalization of $177 billion, and there have been several attempts to enter the mainstream market, including the […]

Research Report | Libra is a fixed income ETF

(Facebook vs. BlackRock – ETF Battle) Overview Libra's structure is similar to the popular exchange-traded fund (ETF) model, in which unitholders are entitled to a financial return on a basket of financial assets. These units can be traded on exchanges, and selected authorized participants can create and redeem units using the underlying assets. As we […]

Viewpoint | Will ETF change bitcoin like changing gold?

Translator's Note: This article was first published on November 19, 2018 at Originally compiled by Cobo Wallet, it does not represent Cobo's point of view; the data and parts of the text are newly compiled by Cobo Wallet and updated on June 13, 2019. On March 28, 2003, the world's first gold ETF, ETFS […]

Millennials like bitcoin over gold, bitcoin ETF demand exists

In Bloomberg's "ETF IQ" market yesterday, a financial consulting executive said that millennials prefer Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) compared to gold. Nate Geraci, head of the ETF Store, an investment advisory group that seems to focus on the fund, points out that many of their young customers are asking if they can replace the core […]

Bitwise ETF was postponed, VanEck did not, is the ETF coming?

The writer is Jake Chervinsky, a US government practice defense lawyer who has been concerned about the progress of the Bitcoin ETF. The US Securities and Exchange Commission postponed Bitwise's Bitcoin ETF application last week, but has yet to make a decision on VanEck's application. This time, everyone still does not have much illusion about […]

US Commodity Fund (USCF) submitted a new cryptocurrency ETF application to the US SEC

According to Coindesk's May 10 report, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently received a new cryptocurrency-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) application. Image source: visualhunt The ETF application was created by Crescent Crypto Index Services LLC, a subsidiary of Crescent Crypto Asset Management LLC, to track the market capitalization and price performance of Bitcoin (BTC) […]

Can Bitcoin enter the mainstream financial market with exchange-traded funds (ETFs)?

Although the BTC has been short-lived for a few years, BTC exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have long been secretly struggling for many years. In March 2017, the SEC rejected the BTC ETF application from the Winklevoss brothers, claiming that the underlying BTC market is still easily manipulated and […]