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Introduction to Ethereum Technology: Synchronous Experiments in Quasi-Stateless

本实验用到的原始数据和脚本: introduction There is a method that may speed up the initial sync process (initial sync of the block chain from the genesis block), which is to use the block witness data to construct a cache tree in advance to avoid speed Slow state access. This requires additional hard disk space and network bandwidth, […]

Why does ETH not maintain a currency premium in the long run?

Foreword: The author of this article is a staunch supporter of Bitcoin, so it's no surprise that his views. The author believes that ETH can not maintain its currency premium in the long run. He has adopted the Ethereum currency direction from various aspects such as Ethereum's monetary policy, the possibility of node concentration, the […]

Perspectives | ETH, trillions of dollars worth of economic bandwidth

Ladies and gentlemen in the chain, if you subscribe to our daily newspaper, you must already know the concept of economic bandwidth-but have you analyzed the relevant data? If DAI becomes a mainstream currency, what impact will it have on the price of ETH? How much will a protocol like Synthetix drive for ETH? Why […]

Viewpoint | Departure at the End: Ethereum EIP and Upgrade Process Improvement Proposals

This article is a rough transcript of a conversation between Danno Ferrin and me at DevconV (the 6th Ethereum Developer Conference). The article discusses some EIP process improvement suggestions made by the community over the past year, and incorporates them into a unified framework to guide us how to make Ethereum upgrade smoothly. We call […]

MakerDAO multi-mortgage Dai online, half a day has locked 2.69 million BAT

At 12 o'clock on the evening of November 18th, Decentralized Loan Agreement Maker officially released Multi-asset Mortgage Dai (MCD), which also introduced the highly anticipated Dai Deposit Rate (DSR) while supporting ETH and BAT as the first mortgage assets. . After the MCD went online, the single mortgage Dai was renamed Sai and could be […]

DeFi Field Unicorn MakerDAO major upgrade, but may face the risk of geometry?

Original: Five fireball masters In the stable currency rankings, DAI is the second-best, and its popularity and popularity are second only to USDT. Among the DeFi themes that have been touted by many people in the past two years, MakerDAO is the undisciplined (ie, boss) level. Many investors don't really understand how the stability of […]

Analysis: Ethereum's ecosystem is booming and ETH prices may be undervalued

The so-called Ethereum killer never appeared. The ERC-20 token is close to the capitalization of Ethereum, and the network has also flourished. Other smart contract platforms are not even comparable to Ethereum in terms of related activities. Coin Metrics used an analysis developed by Chris Burniske of Placeholder, a New York venture capital partnership, to […]

Fun! Use the Google form as a side chain and send and receive ETH with an email address.

At the ETHWaterloo Programming Marathon, three developers spent two days developing a new project – connecting the Ethereum blockchain to the Google system so that users can recharge ETH to their email address, and then Send ETH to someone else's email address. (Source: wikimedia ) How to trade through the mailbox? The whole process is […]

Viewpoints | From smart contracts to never-ending codes, how should Ethereum go towards compliance?

Osaka, Japan (OSAKA), Ethereum Foundation researcher Vlad Zamfir gave a clear warning at the previous Devcon5 conference: developers need to start thinking about Ethereum compliance issues, rather than hope that after Ethereum grows The government has to accept it (so-called "big but not down"). Behind him is Osaka Bay. He gave a speech in an […]

Introduction | What is the Ethereum Trading?

Introduction Getting started with Dapp is really too much trouble. If the Ethereum ecology wants to be popular, it should allow new users to use their functions directly, instead of arranging several mountains to let users climb the mountains. This means that you need to pay the cost of the new user . The current […]