Articles of Ethereum 2.0

Topaz, the first testnet with Eth2.0 Phase 0 mainnet configuration, has been released

Just two years ago, Prysmatic Labs began its journey to achieve Eth2.0, which has three milestones: Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond (1). These milestones reflect our vision of how to extend Ethereum to the global scale. We are proud to announce the final restart plan of the testnet for Eth2.0 stage 0: Topaz testnet . Ruby, […]

How far is Ethereum 2.0? Today's first mainnet configuration Ethereum 2.0 test network is released

On April 15, Ethereum 2.0 construction team Prysmatic Labs released Ethereum 2.0 mainnet configuration test network Topaz. Image source: Picture Bug Prysmatic Labs said in the announcement that just two years ago, they began their journey to implement Ethereum 2.0 and have achieved three important test network implementation milestones: Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. These milestones […]

Popular Science | Auditable security and approximate activity of Casper FFG

Author: Aditya Asgaonkar Translation & Proofreading: IAN LIU & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Thanks to Carl Beekhuizen for reviewing. The blockchain needs to provide users with two guarantees-1) the certainty of the block (finality) and 2). The liveness of the blockchain (blockchain liveness)-the underlying consensus mechanism of the blockchain is responsible for providing these […]

Introduction | What support does ETH 1.0 need to provide for ETH 2.0?

New territory The mainnet of ETH 2.0 Phase 0 (also known as "beacon chain") is expected to be launched later this year. Right now, we should think about the question: what can the existing network do to drive the new system to go online smoothly? We can imagine some exciting application scenarios that can (before […]

Ethereum 2.0 is not yet online, and fraudsters began to defraud users' funds

Recently, a carefully designed fraudulent website appeared on the Internet, which claimed to provide "Ethereum 2.0 PoS mining" service, and some investors have been cheated and began to deposit funds. In addition to adding some technical elements, this scam is a very simple Ponzi scheme. Fraudsters require Ethereum holders to send funds (quantities ranging from […]

Ethereum 2.0 will release the latest version of the code specification v0.11.1, giving a green light to the multi-client test network release

Trustnodes reported on March 31 that Ethereum 2.0 client developers are currently working to implement the latest specifications released after a code audit. Image source: Pixabay Ethereum 2.0 coordinator Danny Ryan said the release "fixes some bugs found in the Phase 0 specification and will continue to refine the network specifications as the client team […]

Perspectives | Ethereum 2020: Roadmap and Outlook

What surprises will Ethereum bring in 2020? You may have missed a message when Vitalik Buterin tweeted "Ethereum Roadmap in My Mind" on Twitter. So are you also curious about the meaning of the pictures he published, what are the highlights of Ethereum this year? I used hyperlinks to add hyperlinks to the pictures he […]

Viewpoint | Ethereum 2.0 inspired by the Ethereum 1.0 upgrade

Compared with Ethereum 1.0, the most significant change in Ethereum 2.0 is the proof of stake consensus and sharding architecture, but in fact, there are still many aspects of innovation that inspired the process of improving Ethereum. Things we have seen since the creation of Bitcoin and Ethereum The Bitcoin blockchain has been running for […]

Ethereum 2.0 first design specification review results released: reasonable structure, strong security measures, only fine-tuning required

Ethereum's next iteration, ETH 2.0, has completed a preliminary review of the protocol specifications. The reviewer, Least Authority, believes that these specifications are carefully designed, but recommends some minor changes. Image credit: Pixabay ETH 2.0 passed the audit without much hindrance After successfully reviewing the ETH 2.0 code base and framework, Ethereum is one step […]

How to understand ETH2.0: start with understanding terminology

Foreword: ETH 2.0 has a lot of new content and new terms. For readers who are new to it, there will be a lot of doubts. This article briefly explains the more commonly used terms to help everyone understand. This article is suitable for beginners of ETH2.0. The author is Alex T, translated by "SIEN" […]