Articles of Ethereum (original chain)

ETC cuts finally come, but the dream of halving is broken

At 02:07 pm on March 17, the Ethereum Classic ETC ushered in a reduction in output at a block height of 10,000,000, and the block reward was reduced from the original 4 to 3.2 ETC (a 20% reduction). This is ETC's second production cut. The first production reduction occurred on December 12, 2017. ETC reduced […]

Cryptocurrency's largest institutional asset manager Grayscale: ETH and ETC are second only to Bitcoin

Grayscale is the largest institutional asset manager in the cryptocurrency space and currently holds approximately 277,000 Bitcoins (BTC) with a value of $ 2.866 billion. The company provides cryptocurrency exposure through its Bitcoin-backed Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), its flagship product. It also offers other competing coin trust products, including Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar, […]

Why don't exchanges delist BTG and ETC that were attacked by 51%?

Written by Ashwin Ramachandran and Haseeb Qureshi, the former is a junior partner of Dragonfly Capital, a blockchain venture capital agency, and the latter is a managing partner of Dragonfly Capital Source: Chain News Compile: Zhan Juan The 51% attack fundamentally violates the proof-of-work security model, but the exchange is unwilling to remove the attacked […]

Opinion | Can blockchain technology eliminate your distrust and fear of ETC consumption?

Source: Weiyang Network, original title "Improving ETC Trusted Consumption Environment with Blockchain Technology" Author: Wu Shi children In June 2019, the Ministry of Transport issued the Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Promotion of Electronic Non-Parking Express Toll (ETC) Application Services on Expressways, and proposed that by the end of this year, the two data of […]

Eight currencies that are about to halve in 2020

Author: king Source: Planet Daily The most anticipated and uncertain event this year will be Bitcoin's third halving. The full halving is called "half block reward". From the code level, Satoshi's design is that for every 210,000 blocks, the reward will be halved. According to the setting of an average block output every 10 minutes, […]

2.0 is about to set sail. Will Ethereum turn to PoS to be an ETC counterattack?

"Ethernet will become the largest PoW ether mine chain when it turns to PoS!" – As Ethereum 2.0 moves closer, the topic of whether ETC will inherit ETH power and price is frequently mentioned again. Image taken from: Twitter of the Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith Image taken from: Twitter by Dan Williams Some people think […]

ETH rose 30% in half a month, what is the development of ETC living in its shadow?

In just two weeks, ETH has risen more than 30%. In addition to the intuitive performance of the price, ETH has a variety of benefits. First, V God recently stated in public that the first phase (0 phase) of Ethereum 2.0 will be launched in the first quarter of 2020, which will increase the frequency […]

Hard fork fork surge effect reappears! ETC announces "Atlantis" hard forks and soared more than 20%

On April 7th, Beijing time, a part of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) ecosystem held a conference call to discuss the proposed hard fork – "Atlantis", in ECIP-1054 There are detailed instructions. After the announcement of the news, ETC opened the inflation mode, rising more than 20% in a single day, reappearing the law of the […]