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ProgPoW algorithm is leaked, Ethereum ASIC mining is unstoppable?

For the recently controversial ProgPoW algorithm, independent developer kikx disclosed a vulnerability in the algorithm today, which makes it impossible to achieve the goal of resisting ASIC. Kikx also added that this vulnerability is newly discovered and does not It will pose a threat to the Ethash algorithm currently used by Ethereum. In this regard, […]

Ethereum Foundation member Hudson Jameson: ProgPoW is not worth it, it will die

Recently, the ProgPoW algorithm has caused a lot of controversy in the Ethereum community. Many community members have expressed opposition to this proposal. In this regard, Ethereum Foundation member Hudson Jameson wrote that ProgPoW is not worth it and will be overwhelmed by community objections Died of sexual evidence. This is his personal position statement […]

ProgPoW enters the conspiracy cycle, Ethereum 2.0 upgrades or can end the farce

ProgPoW is being questioned by the community as a technical upgrade that is not a mere technology upgrade. The ProgPoW architect Minehan, who has resigned from the mining company Core Scientific, is in the midst of a public whirlpool. ProgPoW's original claim was to address Ethereum's ASIC hardware mining centralization issues, but the community has […]

Ethereum's anti-ASIC algorithm ProgPoW received $50,000 support and is about to begin third-party code review

Hudson Jameson, the core developer of the Ethereum Foundation, announced that third-party review funding for the ProgPoW code is in place. ProgPoW is a controversial change to the Ethereum network. Jameson announced the news at the Ethereum Core Developers Conference on April 26. Jameson explained in a blog post in March that the review aimed […]