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Global blockchain status: Asia is the most competitive, and Africa is the largest target market?

Author: Joseph Birch Translator: Sambodhi Source: Blockchain Outpost Globally, the adoption of blockchain technology has exploded. However, although this technology has many fans, the spread of technology has never been balanced. The adoption of blockchain is limited by many factors, including the development of infrastructure, local resources and supervision. As with the spread of any […]

European authorities look at national digital currencies: love and fear

Original: Fortune , the original author: Geoffrey Smith Source: Odaily Planet Daily Translator: Yin Yin Tang Europe is recognizing that failure to modernize the financial system not only challenges its competitiveness, but also threatens its sovereignty. Boycotts in Europe have hit Facebook's global stablecoin project, Libra, and US companies such as Visa and Mastercard may […]

European opinion poll results: Bitcoin will be replaced within 10 years

Japanese encryption and blockchain company bitFlyer released a study evaluating public confidence, which conducted a survey of more than 10,000 people in 10 European countries, showing that people are not optimistic about the development of Bitcoin for the next 10 years. . The biggest finding of this extensive European poll is that people's confidence in […]

How do Europeans see cryptocurrencies?

Headquartered in Tokyo, bitFlyer is approved to operate in the European Union in 2018. According to reports, the company surveyed 10,000 respondents in Europe to understand their views on cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The exchange surveyed the following ten countries: the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Spain. When […]