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BiClub realizes full automation of OTC platform and helps build a large-scale digital asset financial service system

In the early hours of Beijing time yesterday, BiClub ( , WeChat biclubcom) team has completed a key step in the OTC automated trading – functional testing of automatic payment. At this point, BiClub's OTC platform has been able to support the full automation of the acceptor, including automatic collection of money and automatic […]

Blockchain industry distribution survey: 42% of practitioners are exchange employees

The block, a cryptocurrency research firm, recently analyzed 158 companies focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. It turns out that at least 50 companies in the blockchain industry employ more than 100 people. The largest number of employees is the mining machine manufacturer Bit China, reaching 1,500 people. Fire coins, Coinbase and OKEx are ranked 2-4, […]

Circle stripped Poloniex, its valuation plummeted 80%

Circle is a world-renowned blockchain startup with investors including Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital, Bitcoin and hedge fund Pantera Capital, providing services such as payment, transfer, and zero-cost cross-border transactions. In February 2018, Circle spent $400 million to acquire Poloniex, the top exchange of Zeng Hongji. After a year, the two parted ways. Last week, Poloniex […]

UK Finance Minister: FCA has the final decision on whether to implement the ban on crypto derivatives

According to Cointelegraph's October 22 report, the UK government recently stressed that it is up to the regulators, not the executives of cryptocurrency exchanges, to push forward the proposed ban on cryptographic derivatives for retail investors. Image source: pixabay According to Finance Feeds, on October 21st, British Finance Minister John Glen responded to a series […]

Interview with Cao Jing: Compliance, Localization and Traffic Integration, Exchange Status and Future

On October 19th, at the 1st anniversary of the exchange, Jingwei China Partner Harry, Sequoia Capital Partner Wang Hao, and FBG founder Zhou Shuoji appeared as investors and attended the round table. Cao Jing, co-founder and CEO of BitMax Exchange, and Ni Kuang, partner of DFG Crypto, discussed the current status and future […]

Wuzhen News | BKEX founder Ji Jiaming confirmed attending the World Blockchain Conference, he will bring the heavy news of BKEX

On November 8-9, 2019, the second blockchain conference hosted by Babbitt·Wuzhen will be held in Wuzhen. BKEX (coin customer) founder and CEO Ji Jiaming confirmed attending the conference and delivered a speech. Ji Jiaming started his business in 2012 and in 2016 founded the seed capital All in blockchain investment. “I wanted to invest in […]

Understanding the role of different roles in cryptocurrency exchanges

Originally written by Shane Molidor, Head of Global Business Development at BitMax & GDM, compiled by the Bluemountain Labs team, the English copyright belongs to the original author.   The role of the digital asset trading platform has far exceeded the platform of trading between buyers and sellers. This expanded role brings a series of […]

Babbitt Column | From Central Bank to Digital Currency Exchange: A Typical Case of Banking Sinking

Author: Sun vice president As the author mentioned in the previous article, the once-populated bottom-level public chain track ushered in a clear round of capacity clearing in this year's industry winter. Under this squeeze, practitioners, observers, and investors begin to divert to other tracks. One of the hot spots is the digital currency exchange that […]

The cryptocurrency exchange "closed tide", running to catch up with P2P

The cryptocurrency exchange, once regarded as “stable and not paying”, is more crazy than other fields, and P2P will be dwarfed. According to the incomplete statistics of inter-chain pulse, since September 2019, nearly 10 small cryptocurrency exchanges have been run or bankrupt in less than 2 months. At the end of September, even one day, […]

Getting Started | What is an aggregate transaction? What are the operating principles and advantages?

Recently, the concept of aggregate transactions has been repeatedly mentioned, how is aggregated trading realized? Where is its advantage?   01 Principle of realization of aggregate transactions The aggregation trading platform is not a native platform, but uses API technology to integrate transaction data of other digital currency platforms, thus forming a platform that can […]