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How terrible is the IEO? 62% of 87 projects broke, with a maximum loss of 99%

87 IEO projects, raising more than 2 billion, 62% broken "Bitcoin is about to plummet to $5,000." "Cryptographic currency is a scam." With the collapse of Bitcoin at the end of September, there has been such an argument. It is difficult to predict whether Bitcoin will fall to $5,000, but what investors say is that […]

The head exchange spoiled, but who did not solve the Staking pain point?

It will seize more than 14% of the market share of the currency market, and the choice of the top 100 currencies of the top two market value, up to 158.10% of the annual income (Livepeer) – 2019, PoS project and Staking economy can be described as the limelight Multi-party entities such as currency players, […]

Behind Alipay and WeChat Joint "Sniper" Coin: Competition in cryptocurrency stocks

Text | Mutual Chain Pulse · Liang Shan Hua Rong Zhao Changpeng and He Yi did not expect that the road to returning to China was not as simple as imagined. On the afternoon of October 9, Chanan announced that it will launch its P2P transaction service in China. Chan Changpeng CEO Zhao Changpeng subsequently […]

Bitcoin options, the next battlefield of the exchange?

Since 2009, Bitcoin has been born for more than a decade. Bitcoin has gone through decades of financial development in a very short period of time, and its financial trading market pattern has been rapidly fissing. Initially, Bitcoin only had over-the-counter trading, and later on-the-spot transactions began to rise. At the end of 2017, the […]

The original market maker is not "Zhuang"? What is the significance of the coin safety ball recruitment market?

On September 30th, the company announced that it has launched the Global Markets Program and will recruit Market Maker for the world. Many people may have heard of the word "marketer", but did not have a deep understanding of what is a city business, why the trading platform is to recruit marketers. Today, let's take […]

Coinbase's effect on the currency is not strong, mainly because the market is at work.

Coinbase is one of the most influential compliance exchanges in the world, providing multiple French currency channels directly, providing multiple encryption services such as French currency purchase and hosting. Devin Walsh, an analyst at CoinFund, a blockchain investment fund, said that after researching Coinbase's two currency announcements, he found that although Coinbase announced that it […]

Analysis: How does the value chain of the blockchain industry work?

Over the past few years, blockchain technology has evolved from a purely technology to a multi-billion dollar industry. However, we do not understand who plays the role in the blockchain industry. And how do they create value? When looking at value alone, there are still many people who want to know how many services in […]

Long text: the change of the encrypted asset exchange and the risk challenge

Encrypted asset exchanges, like traditional exchanges, are products that develop to a certain period of time. With the emergence and development of blockchain technology, the emergence of cryptographic assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum based on cryptography and modern network technology and the demand for cryptocurrency transactions by investors have prompted the birth of crypto-equity […]

6 pictures tell you about the development status of the Asian cryptocurrency market

Author: cryptanalysis CoinGecko company co-founder Bobby Ong translation: block rhythm BlockBeats-HQ Recently, at the Coindesk Asia Investment Conference in Singapore, I had the opportunity to give a keynote speech on the current state of the Asian encryption market. In the past few years, I have been observing the cryptocurrency market every day. This is a […]

Visit: What is behind the brush of the digital currency exchange?

Recently, TokenInsight released the blockchain industry report "Exchange Real Estate Volume Report (I)" pointed out that nearly half of the digital currency exchanges have serious brushing behavior. TokenInsight's own data center has obtained the BTC-USD(T) transaction of the mainstream exchange, and has recorded all the transactions from July, and analyzed the data using the self-developed […]