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Exchange Real Volume Report (on) | TokenInsight

Summary of points: 1. According to the report, 36% of the exchanges (11) have a real trading volume ratio higher than 80%; nearly 50% of the exchanges (14) have less than half of the real trading volume. It is worth noting that more than 25% (8) of the exchanges have a real trading volume of […]

Bakkt also can't impact traditional cryptocurrency futures trading? – Coin, OKex, Matcha, and the same station

Text | Mutual Chain Pulse · Liang Shan Hua Rong Mutual chain pulse: Although Bakkt has not been able to detonate a new round of bull market, it has far-reaching implications for the cryptocurrency futures contract market. As the first physical settlement bitcoin futures trading platform approved by US regulators, Bakkt will play a key […]

Insurance giant Marsh has customized a full insurance plan for encrypted custodians, can cryptocurrency traders “sit back and relax”?

According to Coindesk's September 24 report, Marsh & McLennan, the world's largest insurance brokerage firm, has tailored an exceptionally generous and comprehensive insurance plan for a new cryptocurrency provider called KNØX. Image source: visualhunt Montreal-based KNØX announced on Tuesday that it is launching a cold storage service for wealth management companies and hedge funds to […]

Interpretation of wallet data: The exchange holds more than 12.4 billion mainstream currencies, who is the largest Holder?

QUICK TAKE The cryptocurrency exchange currently holds at least $12.4 billion in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT (Tether) Coin's current holdings of Bitcoin, USDT and Ethereum totaled US$3.6 billion, followed by Firecoin ($2.5 billion), Bitfinex ($1.8 billion) and Bittrex ($1.6 billion). Since January this year, the exchange’s Ethereum holdings have increased by 38%, far exceeding the […]

A picture to understand the difference between Bakkt's bitcoin futures and "traditional" futures

According to the delivery method, futures contracts are usually divided into cash delivery and physical delivery. At present, CBOE, CME, BITMEX, OKEx, and Firecoin have selected cash delivery methods. This is because cash delivery does not involve the hosting and delivery of Bitcoin in kind, thus avoiding a series of regulatory issues and costs such […]

A new attempt at traditional finance, the technology of the Stock Exchange enters the currency circle

In January 2019, the London Stock Exchange Group announced a partnership with the digital asset trading platform AAX, and the technology of the Stock Exchange entered the currency circle. After waiting for half a year, the much-watched AAX is finally on the line. On September 20th, AAX's small-scale meeting for super-leaders was successfully held in […]

Fake foreign exchange platform to enter the currency circle: reverse shouting, tampering with data, investors become the biggest victims

After the spread of money and funds, there has been a new routine in the currency circle – a false exchange. Pulling groups to get customers, reverse shouting, directional harvesting, tampering with data… A series of operations on false exchanges, so that investors can't prevent them. The operators behind these black platforms are the "scammers" […]

The money was not earned, and the head was almost bald: interview with the boss of the startup exchange

Currently, one of the most profitable industries in the cryptocurrency sector is the exchange. According to The Block data, in 2018, the annual profit of Firecoin, Coin and OKEx was around US$400 million. This level exceeds 90% of A-share listed companies in the same period. High profits have attracted a large number of latecomers. The […]

Pushing the IEO platform and expanding the scale of the currency, why is the conservative Coinbase “flying itself”?

At the end of the IEO, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the United States, has heard the news of the upcoming IEO platform. No one knows what Moinbase's motives are, but it is obvious that the cryptocurrency exchange, which has always been known as "conservative," is undergoing a visible change, or is "flying […]

Who can take the lead in breaking the exchange contract?

Mark Lamb, CEO of CoinFLEX, predicts that by the end of 2020, the derivatives market will reach 20 times the size of the underlying spot market in a series of recently launched exchange products. As the most important existence in the derivatives market, the contract business has become a battleground for the exchange. Influx of […]