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"Japan Amazon" Lotte launches cryptocurrency transaction service

"Japan Amazon" – Lotte, announced on August 19 that it will launch its new encryption trading platform to provide spot trading of encrypted assets through mobile apps. The e-commerce giant has always been friendly to encryption and has been experimenting and investing in encrypted payment systems since 2014, but with the launch of the wallet […]

Coinbase publicly acknowledges that 3,420 user information is threatened by registration vulnerability

According to foreign media, Coinbase Exchange acknowledged in its latest blog post that a vulnerability in their system could cost Coinbase users a lot of money. Image source: Coinbase admitted Last Friday's "post-event survey" showed that an error on the Coinbase registration page saved the client's information on the Coinbase internal web server log in […]

Raise $130 million! Encrypted exchange INX will issue securities tokens via IPO

According to Coindesk's August 20 report, the incremental exchange startup INX Limited plans to raise $129.5 million through an initial public offering (IPO), which has filed its first securities-based token sales registration application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Image source: visualhunt You are not mistaken, this is not the first time the […]

The first in the industry! US cryptocurrency exchange INX seeks IPO listing

The cryptocurrency exchange attempted to raise funds through IPOs rather than ICOs, and INX was the first. On August 20th, overseas blockchain media Coindesk reported that cryptocurrency exchange INX Limited is currently planning to raise funds through traditional IPOs. The amount of funds that INX plans to raise through IPO is about $129.5 million. Currently […]

The three countries of China, Japan and South Korea exchanged cold on the same day? The reason behind it is not simple

Abstract: The three countries of East Asia were once considered to be the gold rush of cryptocurrency, but now the bad news of cryptocurrency exchanges is frequent, which reflects the problems that cannot be underestimated. Like a cloud, the prospects of the East Asian cryptocurrency market are more uncertain with recent bad news, which has […]

"New and old" exchanges compete on the same stage, how can you play in the future? | Interview with SheKnows

Exchanges are an important part of the blockchain ecosystem. They interact directly with users and therefore change as the market environment and user needs change. This year, we witnessed the emergence of a large number of exchanges, followed by some new "plays." In the first interview of the Babbitt community, SheKnows specially planned the exchange […]

New gameplay? A rubbish currency exchange where everyone can use the currency

BlockBeats learned that the was officially launched on August 14. This is a decentralized trading platform that supports independent currency and free trade. Users can connect Metamask and other mainstream wallets that support Ethereum ERC20 tokens, freely adjust the Gas fee for trading, or fill in the contract address, name, symbol and other information […]

Forbes: What challenges will cryptocurrency regulators face?

According to a recent survey by Coinfirm, only 14% of the world's 216 cryptocurrency exchanges have regulatory approvals. Given the hacking, fraud, and market manipulation of cryptocurrency exchanges in many jurisdictions, such low regulatory coverage is not surprising. Forbes believes that the statistics partially reflect the fact that regulators around the world are still studying […]

The exchange is frequently stolen, and where is the security of digital currency going?

In the food chain of digital currency, the exchange has always stood at the top. But if you want to wear a crown, you must bear the weight. The security of the exchange has been criticized by the industry, and the frequent theft of exchanges has constantly challenged the industry position of the exchange and […]

report! This 14,000-person hacker organization is eyeing the exchange | DVP hackers are coming to an end

According to Baihuhui, in 2018, the economic loss caused by security problems in the digital currency industry was 2.249 billion US dollars, equivalent to a loss of 56 US dollars per user. what is this concept? The market value of Monroe, which ranks tenth in digital currency, is only $1.6 billion. From the perspective of […]