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Lies of the trading platform——how to dynamically check the authenticity of transactions on the exchange

I. Overview of market transactions As an important participant and builder in the blockchain ecosystem, cryptocurrency exchanges have always been closely related to the development of cryptocurrencies. From the creation of the Bitcoin Genesis Block in 2009, to the birth of Bitcoin Market, the world's first Bitcoin exchange in 2010, to the hundreds of billions […]

Sun Yuchen used capital hegemony to control Steem, causing controversy, the integrity of stolen users' voting rights was questioned

Recently, in order to prevent capital power on the chain, Steem witness nodes jointly launched a soft fork. God V described the incident as a large-scale proving ground for "bribery attacks" in the DPOS consensus mechanism. He explained that the bribe originated from a "centralized exchange that misappropriated the voting rights of currency holders" and […]

Observation | OKEx triggers "destruction war", why is absolute deflation worth learning in the currency circle?

Text | Popsicle Editing | Bi Tongtong Sources | PANews Just now, OKEx issued the destruction announcement again, and started the destruction of the new quarter. The number of OKB repurchase destruction was 3.18 million, valued at about 17.5 million US dollars, an increase of 16.67% over the previous round of repurchase. This is the […]

Derivatives track has become an industry consensus. Bitcoin will be up to 20,000 US dollars in the year?

2020 cryptocurrency market welcomes a good start: BTC rose more than 29% in January, and regained the 10,000 yuan mark on February 9! At the same time, on February 10, OKEx announced that the destruction of 700 million uncirculated OKBs caused another wave of "destruction." Many platform currencies have increased to varying degrees. Stimulated by […]

Blockchain data analysis lets you see the counterparties

By analyzing the blockchain data set, we will have a better and clearer understanding of cryptocurrencies. (Image source: pxfuel ) Understanding counterparties is one of the arts of capital market trading. Investor composition for specific assets, such as demographics, trading activity, and even popularity data may be important indicators for predicting asset behavior. In traditional […]

Vicious competition causes frequent DDos attacks on exchanges. What is the cost of the attack?

Source: Financial Network Chain Finance Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex tweeted on February 28 that it was suspected of being subjected to a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) and is investigating the matter. During this time Bitfinex interrupted trading services and the page was under maintenance. In the early morning of the 29th, there was also […]

ChainNode Live Room | Derivatives track has become an industry consensus. Bitcoin will be up to $ 20,000 in the year?

Since the beginning of this year, the trading platform has frequently acted, causing one after another "destruction tide", and the market share of derivatives has been expanding. On the other hand, the market is volatile, FCoin's thunderstorm tests the trust of the industry, and whose future is the fierce confrontation? Should we get in the […]

FCoin latest progress: Zhang Jian announces wallet address, defenders confront Zhang Jian's family, Hangzhou police will not file a case

Since last night, a series of incidents have occurred in FCoin. First, Zhang Jian's wife, parents and sister were surrounded by defenders in the hotel. Later, Zhang Jian issued a series of announcements late at night. The FCoin activist incident escalated again. The Bureau of the City's Shangcheng Branch issued a "Notice" and "Caution" in […]

Can the community restart and can the losses be recovered? 8 big events to clarify the way for FCoin to defend your rights

On February 17, 2020, FCoin founder Zhang Jian released the "FCoin Truth" announcement. FCoin was unable to cash out users' withdrawals due to insufficient capital reserves, with a scale of up to 7000-13,000 BTC. As soon as the announcement came out, the industry shook, and tens of thousands of investors may face a state of […]

We sorted out 40 "running road" cryptocurrency exchanges, all of which share these common routines

Article | Interchain Pulse · Liangshan Huarong On February 23, the ZG exchange was exposed as suspected to be running. This is the second "event" of cryptocurrency exchanges to run after the collapse of FCoin since the beginning of the year. In fact, the tide of exchange runs that broke out last November is still […]