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After the FCoin thunderstorm, rethink everything about platform coins and centralized exchanges

Source of this article: Odaily Planet Daily , original title "In the lifetime, was it pitted by FCoin?" 》 Author: Nan Xin FCoin, which once stirred the situation of the exchange with its own strength, ended eventually. On the evening of February 17, the seventh day after the FCoin outage maintenance incident occurred, Zhang Jian, […]

FCoin thunders, Zhang Jian confesses that over 900 million yuan cannot be paid, and foreign exchanges have significant financial risks

Source: Finance and Economics · Chain Finance Author: Chen At about 6 pm on February 17, Zhang Jian, the founder of Fcoin Exchange, released an announcement called "Fcoin Truth". In the announcement, Zhang Jian said that the biggest problem that FCoin currently faces is not the problem that the system cannot be recovered, and It […]

After FCoin's "incident", key figures from the team responded!

On the evening of February 12, an announcement on the FCoin Exchange regarding "the latest progress of system maintenance and application for withdrawal of cash " caused huge controversy in the community. The announcement stated: 1. After verification, the system has not been hacked by external hackers. Second, due to the loss of key personnel […]

Italian securities regulator establishes cryptocurrency regulations, has closed 2 cryptocurrency trading sites

Cointelegraph reported on February 11 that Italian securities regulators recently closed six foreign exchange trading websites and two cryptocurrency investment and derivatives trading websites. Image source: pixabay According to the news from Finance Magnates on February 10, the Italian National Stock Exchange Supervisory Board (CONSOB) accused the eight foreign exchange websites of violating Mifid2 regulations […]

Hackers are getting smarter, with the largest number of exchange attacks ever in 2019

Source | bitcoinmagazine Translation | Huohuo Sauce Production | Blockchain Camp (ID: blockchain_camp) Currently, major cryptocurrency exchanges are constantly strengthening their security to defend against cyber attacks, and hackers are also improving their technology in the same way-according to the data, they are constantly achieving their goals. According to data compiled by blockchain analysis company […]

How many entities hold Bitcoin? These 7 exchanges are worth watching

Written by: Rafael Schultze-Kraft Translation: Lu Jiangfei Source: Chain News Problems with quantifying the number of Bitcoin users For Bitcoin researchers and investors, one question is always lingering in their minds: How many people actually own and use Bitcoin? Even if you can access the entire transaction history of Bitcoin through an open ledger, it […]

Blockchain investment: which "platform coin" has more investment value?

In the last lecture, I analyzed the "privacy currency" field in the blockchain industry. In this lecture, I continue to share with you the fourth sub-category in the "mature field of the blockchain industry": "Exchange platform currency". I. What is exchange platform currency? The "exchange platform currency" we are talking about here refers to the […]

ChainsMap Weekly Report: Data Decrease During Long Holiday, Binance Bitcoin Inflow Declines 44%

Beijing Lian'an focuses on blockchain security and data services. The following is a weekly report on the Bitcoin chain's data released last week based on the Beijing Lian'an ChainsMap on-chain data monitoring system. In the past week (01.20-01.26), judging from the data on the main chain, the data during the Spring Festival holiday has clearly […]

Value capture in the crypto world: who are the supercapturers?

The crypto world is still very early, and the entire industry is still in its infancy. In this case, which tracks are capturing value? What is the magnitude of the captured value? Blue Fox Notes briefly sorted out the overall value capture of the crypto industry, and glimpsed the current status of value capture at […]

The compliance exchange is about to appear in Singapore?

On December 18, 2019, the official website of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (hereinafter referred to as "MAS") issued an announcement announcing that the "Payment Services Act" will be formally implemented from January 28, 2020. You must apply for a license to make your operations compliant. According to the requirements, all exchanges seeking compliance must […]