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Gemini Exchange sets up insurance company to provide $ 200 million in insurance for custody services

The Winklevoss brothers' Gemini exchange has set up an insurance company to prepare up to $ 200 million in insurance for Gemini Custody. According to reports, this is the largest amount of all cryptocurrency custody services in the world. Source: Pixabay Gemini's head of risk Hussain shared the news with Cointelegraph on January 16. The […]

Behind 106 market cases, we discovered the impact of the BTC spot market structure on price discovery

(Onion Note: "Price Discovery refers to the process by which buyers and sellers reach a transaction price for the quality and quantity of a commodity at a given time and place.) After analyzing more than 106 “volatility events” (the Bitcoin price changed more than $ 100 in 5.5 minutes) between April and December last year, […]

Using data to review 2019 of decentralized exchanges

Author: Alethio Translation: A Jian Source: consensys Translation source: Ethereum lovers Decentralized exchanges (DEX) have started to rise in 2018 and have flourished in the past year. As decentralized finance changes the economic ecology of Ethereum, decentralized exchanges now play a more critical role than ever before, as they are liquidity providers for lending operations […]

Data tells you how the DEX ecosystem evolved in 2019

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) emerged in 2018 and have flourished in the past year. With DeFi disrupting the economics of Ethereum, DEXes now assume a more important role: becoming a liquidity provider for loans and derivatives applications. Now let's review its evolution over the past year with data and images. Data and methods In this review, […]

2019 Spot Exchange Research Report: The total global trading volume is $ 13.8 trillion, BTC accounts for 48.29%

Key takeaways: 1. The annual spot transaction volume was US $ 13.8 trillion . 2. BTC's annual trading volume accounts for 48.29%. 3. The total transaction volume of ETH (second year trading volume) is twice that of EOS (third year trading volume). 4. The correlation between spot trading volume and BTC price trend is 0.78 […]

A major Brazilian bank announces closure of accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges

As a large commercial bank refuses to comply with the "Prevention of Cryptocurrency Exchange Account Closure" agreement, Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges may soon lose bank support. Throughout Latin America, crypto trading platforms have encountered difficulties maintaining bank relationships. Banco Bradesco disregards agreement to stop closing crypto exchange accounts According to Spanish cryptocurrency news agency Critonoticias, Banco […]

Thousands of exchange platform license thresholds reach the cloud or 5 platforms enter the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission's sandbox

Source: 21st Century Business Herald Author: Zhou scorching The confrontation between the United States and Iran has escalated, and the price of Bitcoin has increased by more than 20% in just 5 days. After virtual assets return to the field of vision, re-examining the regulatory framework of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission on […]

"Gemini" Risk Control Interview: How the Traditional Financial Regulatory Framework Maps to the Crypto Industry

Source: Yahoo Fiance Original author: Daniel Kuhn Translator: Moni Source: Odaily Planet Daily Editor's note: This article has been deleted without changing the original intention of the author. Blockchain technology has brought many innovations to the traditional financial industry, but if legal protection measures are still outdated, it will be difficult for us to make […]

Babbitt Column | Blockchain industry to land, these areas still need to be greatly improved

I. Status Although each of us hopes that the blockchain can land as early as possible, and from the daily news, it seems that some blockchain products have been landing one after another, such as Tencent's blockchain invoice, such as the central bank's Blockchain's digital bill system, such as Alibaba's blockchain-based cross-border remittance system and […]

IMF urges Philippine central bank to collect crypto exchange transaction data and use data for macroeconomic analysis

According to Cointelegraph reported on January 2, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged the Philippine Central Bank to explore the possibility of collecting data on cross-border movement of crypto assets. Image source: pixabay Based on a data survey conducted by the IMF's Monetary and Financial Statistics Mission in the Philippines in July 2019, the organization […]