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Viewpoint | Exchange is the public chain platform

If 2019 is almost a stand-alone platform currency, let me think about " What is value capture? " and " What can tokens carry? ", then the next question is "Does the exchange have boundaries?" Multicoin believes that the exchange will promote the adoption of open finance, and after a lot of liquidity and capital […]

Bella Fang: The exchange is at the top of the food chain. How can small and medium-sized projects seize this channel?

On the afternoon of the 9th, at the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit·Wuzhen site hosted by Babbitt, Bella Fang, founder of WBF Exchange, shared the theme in the forum “The Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Asset Trading”. The following is the sharing content of Bella Fang, organized by Babbitt. I believe that everyone here can perceive […]

Interpretation of the new SFC regulation: How to operate a licensed virtual asset exchange in Hong Kong?

Author: According to Health Source: Zero Finance On the evening of November 6, the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission ("SFC") issued a position paper on the supervision of virtual asset trading platforms ("the position book"). The position book is mainly divided into four parts: the first part describes the SFC's regulatory policy for the virtual […]

The Stock Exchange technology drives the AAX Exchange to be officially launched, and the four dimensions define the new industry standards.

Lead: As a next-generation digital currency trading platform, AAX leverages LSEG's Millennium ExchangeTM engine to provide institutional-level trading performance and experience for individual and institutional investors. AAX provides fast, secure and trusted over-the-counter, currency trading and derivatives trading platforms that provide seamless connectivity to key nodes for individual and institutional investors and institutionalize digital asset […]

Lawyer's point of view | Analysis of the regulatory environment behind the investigation of the currency exchange

Author: Hu Tao Source: The chain catcher's recent investigation of the currency exchange has triggered industry attention. What may be the reason for the currency market being investigated? What risks do you need to pay attention to when operating an exchange? What is the current regulatory environment for the exchange? This time, the chain catcher […]

Weekly data on the BTC chain: data on the chain began to fall, and the exchange traded frequently

In the past week (10.28-11.03), from the main chain data, the total amount of transactions has increased compared with the previous week (10.21-10.27), but has begun to fall in the second half of the week. Transaction amount: 10.21-10.27:7315544.32 BTC 10.28-11.03:9894794.12 BTC Up from the previous week: 35.26% The detailed data map is as follows: Number […]

Comment: The exchange is open finance

Foreword: In the current encryption world, exchanges are the biggest catchers of value. Because of the user's demand for liquidity, the exchange has a certain degree of network effect, so it is an aggregator of capital. Based on the aggregated users and capital, it can connect with open financial protocols, provide greater liquidity, and provide […]

Research Report | Blockchain Economics Panorama and Future: Exchange Compliance

Author: BlockVC industry research team Source: BlockVC Editor's Note: The original title is "Postal Chain Economic Panorama and Future: Exchange Compliance | BlockVC Research" business background In the production (or distribution) and circulation of the entire crypto-asset sector, mining machine manufacturers and exchanges are well-deserved core service enhancers. The former, by providing “production” tools for […]

Extreme market challenges major contract exchanges, BTCC contract performance is outstanding

On Friday, Bitcoin ushered in three surges in a short period of time, with a gain of more than 20%. The currency circle has opened more than 20 transactions in contract transactions. In the case of volatile market conditions, which exchange experience is the smoothest? Which exchange rules are fair and protect the actual income […]

The digital currency exchange has been caught in the throat by the legal currency.

Under the premise of a constant total circulation, money acts as a catalyst for rapidly transforming production materials into capital, and wherever it flows, it is possible to obtain a rapid rise. For the current digital currency market with a market capitalization of only $220 billion, the absorption of traditional funds is a short- and […]