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Libra has become a catalyst for the reform of the mothers? The central bank governor told the reality

The Governor of the Swedish Central Bank said that Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency Libra has become the driving force behind the reform of the global central bank, reflecting the digital age. Image source: “When the Libra suddenly appeared, it was a very important catalytic event, which forced us to seriously think about what we did,” said […]

Members of the Libra Association are sure! But there is no Facebook on the list?

Lead: Facebook has a chance to make strategic adjustments in a timely manner. On October 15th, Libra official Twitter announced that the first 21 members formally signed the Libra Association charter, established the Libra Association Board of Directors, elected the board of directors and appointed members of the Libra Association executive team. The 21 members […]

Babbitt Column | Cai Kailong: How Libra Get Out of the Dilemma

Libra has suffered heavy losses in recent times and is experiencing a dark moment. The first Libra formal meeting is scheduled to be held in Switzerland on the 14th of this month, and the founding members will formally sign the charter of the council at the meeting. Unexpectedly, many important founding members have escaped. After […]

Xiao Zawan never imagined that the days of Libra’s “rebellion” came so fast.

Zuckerberg may not have thought that the days of Libra's "rebellion" are coming so fast. Following the withdrawal of US payment giant PayPal last week, five other heavyweight companies also opted out. For Libra, which is under high regulatory pressure, this is undoubtedly a new round of blows. However, when entrepreneurs are increasingly jealous of […]

Knock on the blackboard! Three questions that Zuckerberg needs to solve next week’s hearing

On October 23, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will attend a congressional hearing, an opportunity for legislators to learn more about Libra. Since its launch in June this year, Facebook's idea of ​​developing a cryptocurrency covering its social network has been condemned and criticized by global legislators and international organizations. Part of the reason is the […]

Zuckerberg's moment: Why did Libra's founding members go out collectively?

Facebook’s ambition to change the world seems to be annihilated this time. Among the many partners who said that they want to build a new world currency together, PayPal was the first to leave. Then, just as the discussion was good, Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, eBay, and Mercado Pago also left. Now, Libra's official website has […]

Facebook is again "retired"! The Libra Association’s six payment industry members now have only one

According to The block, payment giants Mastercard, Visa, eBay, Stripe and Mercado Pago also announced their withdrawal from the Facebook Libra project following PayPal's “return”. In response, a spokesperson for eBay said that eBay highly respects the Libra Association's vision, but eBay decided not to continue as a founding member. Currently, eBay is committed to […]

Forbes: Libra is "better PayPal" but not a better cryptocurrency

Facebook's proposed global digital currency, Libra, is actually a "another" payment system that can be seen as a better enhanced version of PayPal, but it's important to note that compared to Bitcoin or other mainstream cryptocurrencies, Libra does. Unlike, it is not a "free currency." Alex Karasulu, CEO and founder of OptDyn, commented on Libra, […]

Internal and external, Libra can seek hope in the crack

Over the past 100 days, Libra's whirlwind has swept the world. From the private, academic, business, and political circles, there is a lot of discussion about Libra. Libra hopes to build a simple, borderless digital currency and financial infrastructure that serves billions of people. It comes with ambitious ideals: improving the existing monetary system, realizing […]

Zuckerberg "Second Palace" attends the hearing Libra can break through the blockade

Four months ago, Libra was born, and this Facebook-led project sparked the digital currency. Four months later, Libra is still far from the official launch, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is still uneasy about the upcoming hearing. France and Germany have begun to boycott, and the United States is still swaying. Under the pressure of […]