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The first emergency rate cut since the financial crisis to rescue the market, or push the crypto market back to a bull market

Author: Xiu MU Source: Tweet On Tuesday evening, Beijing time, the Federal Reserve announced that it would cut its benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points and reduce IOER by 50 basis points to 1.1%. Crypto industry insiders believe this could push the cryptocurrency market back to a bull market. According to CNBC, this […]

Xiao Lei: The United States urgently cuts interest rates to deal with the crisis, how to prevent ordinary people from being "cut leek"

Author: Xiao Lei see the city (public number: kanshi1314) As the absolute main force of the global economy, the United States has started to respond to the crisis. The Fed did not wait until the mid-month interest rate meeting and suddenly cut interest rates by 50 basis points. At the same time, Powell, chairman of […]

Hedge fund managers: "deflation crisis" triggered by the Federal Reserve will cause Bitcoin to soar

The expansion of the Fed's balance sheet will result in low or negative yields. Investors will look for rare assets such as Bitcoin. A well-known hedge fund manager said that the Fed's policies fueled deflation, not inflation. A deflationary environment could cause Bitcoin to rise sharply. Until now, it was no secret that the Fed […]

30 days "water injection" 500 billion US dollars! This move by the Federal Reserve may help Bitcoin take off again

Although Bitcoin is an emerging asset that is independent of the government and Wall Street, with the more significant "financial attributes" of Bitcoin and the rapid development of the industry over the past few years, those traditional financial markets The proven regularity logic for ten or even hundreds of years is being moved into the […]

The generation of quantitative easing: how the Fed makes money out of thin air

This article comes from , the original author: Jamie Redman Odaily Planet Daily Translator | Moni In 2019, we are coming to an end. In the coming year, we have seen some countries adopt an expansionary monetary policy. According to incomplete statistics, about 37 central banks have implemented loose monetary policies. But unfortunately, most […]

The Fed is hiring digital currency executives, and the “Join Refund” plan has been forced to restart?

After the People’s Bank of China announced the upcoming introduction of the legal digital currency, the Federal Reserve Board began to study the launch of its digital currency. On November 4th, Beijing time, the Federal Reserve posted a new job posting on its website, hoping to find a manager who is expected to contribute to […]

The Fed plans to launch an interbank real-time payment system, and the encryption community said: Bitcoin to consider

According to Cointelegraph on August 6th, the Federal Reserve Board plans to launch a real-time payment and settlement service to promote the construction of payment infrastructure in the United States. Image source: pixabay A press release issued on August 5th stated that the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has asked the Federal […]

Is there any historic opportunity for Bitcoin to cut interest rates?

The Fed cut interest rates this morning. President Trump said that he was very dissatisfied. He immediately fired on Twitter and spearheaded not enough. According to his usual radical style, the 25 base points in the district, such as the itching of the boots, should be greatly reduced. Dodo believes that this monetary easing policy […]