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Financial decentralization: Can DeFi replace traditional finance?

Luo Tao, Chief Compliance Advisor of Global Blockchain Compliance Alliance, lawyer of Taihetai (Beijing) Law Firm, Over the centuries, intermediaries have played a vital role in reducing transaction costs and expanding transactions, helping both parties to establish trust, negotiate contracts, and finally conclude transactions. However, this powerful power has also triggered a monopoly on […]

Viewpoint | The birth of blockchain has financial attributes and is a frontier in the investment field

This article Source: Financial Court No. 1 , Author: Yu Junyi It has been more than ten years since the birth of blockchain. From the initial infrastructure to the construction of the underlying technology to the application of the scene, China's blockchain technology and industry are step by step on the road of development. In […]

Research Report | The average return of cryptocurrencies in 2019 is far less than that of traditional financial markets, and the risk is more than 5 times that of traditional financial markets

Source: Editor's Note: The original title was "2019 Cryptocurrency Revenue Survey and Investment Strategy Analysis Report" A year of enthusiastic development of the cryptocurrency industry in 2019, the development of the industry throughout the year is also extremely valuable for the development trend of 2020. Among them, the overall profitability of cryptocurrencies in 2019 […]

Data: a year-on-year increase of 294%, DeFi finally becomes a killer application for Ethereum

Last year, the use of Ethereum's decentralized applications (dapps) skyrocketed, mainly due to the increased interest in decentralized financial (DeFi) applications. In contrast, the use of blockchain platforms EOS and Tron on the Dapp platform has shown signs of collapse. Ethereum Dapps grow faster According to the latest DappRadar industry commentary, by February 2020, the […]

Depth | Solve core pain points, blockchain opens up new space for supply chain finance

Author: Song Jiaji, Renhe Yi Source: Keith Communication   Summary Blockchain + supply chain finance opens up new market space. Blockchain has the characteristics of immutable data and traceability, which is the key to solving the pain points of supply chain finance. Blockchain not only solves the problem of informatization. Once the business of supply […]

In order to comply with the new central bank regulations, Fabric-based blockchain financial projects face large-scale transformation

Text | Interlink Pulse · Golden Walk On February 26th, Bank of Jiangsu launched an upgraded version of the blockchain financial project "Su Yin Chain 2.0", which carried out a state secret reconstruction of the "Su Yin Chain" originally based on Hyperledger Fabric to reconstruct the underlying architecture and optimization mechanism of the blockchain. This […]

Coinbase: Cryptocurrency is a solution to racial inequality in the financial sector

Author: Marie Huillet Compile: Queen In commemoration of "Black History Month", Coinbase launched an advertising campaign promoting cryptocurrencies to help resolve racial injustice in the financial sector. At the event, the exchange published a blog on February 13 announcing the results of a survey it conducted in Britain and the United States. The focus of […]

Ministry of Finance: National PPP Comprehensive Information Platform (New Platform) goes online, using blockchain and other technologies

Source: Ministry of Finance Today, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Announcement on the Online Operation of the National PPP Comprehensive Information Platform (New Platform)". The full text of the announcement is as follows: Announcement on the launch of the national PPP comprehensive information platform (new platform) Financial Enterprise Letter [2020] No. 2 In order […]

Opinion | Defi's most noteworthy in 2020, Bitcoin price may reach $ 20,000

The computing power said: Tao Rongqi, the founder of X-Order and a partner of NGC Ventures, gave a special live video broadcast of the open class of the University of Hali last night as a special guest. What is the difference between the stock market and the cryptocurrency market? How is Bitcoin going this year? […]

The central bank's trading gold blockchain platform helps corporate financing, and national project support breaks through development difficulties

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Yu Source: Xinhuanet Trade finance is a complex scene spanning multiple subjects and multiple links, involving a wide range of industries and long transaction chains, and requires mutual trust and sharing. In order to break the silo of information and improve the level of mutual trust and facilitation of trade […]