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A week in review: Zhou financing event fell to 3, CMC was resigned by the founder of Binance M & A

Summary: Binance acquired Coinmarketcap; OKCoin announced the acquisition of a Japanese exchange license; Mentougou liquidation compensation plan was postponed; Xiong'an Blockchain Lab was officially listed; China Mutual Gold Association warned of the risk of speculation in overseas virtual currency trading platforms. 10 listed companies disclose blockchain-related businesses or plans. According to PANews statistics, there were […]

People's Financial Review: Is virtual currency a safe-haven asset beyond gold and silver? fake!

Article source: People's Network Affected by the new crown epidemic, the international financial market has fluctuated recently. In this special period, ordinary people are particularly vulnerable to false information, giving criminals more opportunities. Some trading platforms have taken the opportunity to speculate that "virtual currency is a safe-haven asset that surpasses gold and silver". The […]

SheKnows year-end ultimate debate | 2020, the year when the public chain supervision will break?

Since the "10.24 speech", the entire industry has set off a wave of blockchain applications. At the cusp of the times, opportunities and challenges coexist. From January 2nd to 3rd, Babbitt launched the "SheKnows End-of-year Debate: 2020, the big change of the blockchain", inviting representatives of entrepreneurs, investors, research institutions and law firms in the […]

The US Internal Revenue Service sent a letter to the currency circle: come over to pay taxes, otherwise you may be subject to criminal prosecution

Article source: Financial sector original title: "The US Internal Revenue Service sent a letter to the currency circle: come over to pay taxes or may be subject to criminal prosecution" The Internal Revenue Service announced on Friday that it is writing to US citizens who have virtual currency, may not have paid the necessary taxes, […]

The Financial Supervision Technology of the Block Chain View of the Secretary of the Currency Division Sun Guofeng

This article will introduce Sun Guofeng , Director of the Monetary Policy Department of the People's Bank of China, on the latest views on regulatory technology. The last article in this series. Core point of view : 1, positioning The essential nature of finance determines that the ultimate goal of financial technology is to support […]