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Cao Yin: An economic crisis or an important opportunity for the rise of DeFi in an epidemic

The New Crown epidemic is raging globally. At present, except for East Asia, the epidemic is still spreading rapidly in all countries. Although the governments of various countries have done everything they can, no one knows when the epidemic can be controlled. For most people who are not sick, what is more terrible than the […]

Opinion | Professor of the Chinese People's Congress: China needs to promote the construction of a sovereign digital currency to build a fair and just new international political and economic order

Editor's Note: The original title was "Sovereign Digital Currency, Fintech Innovation, and the Reform of the International Monetary System-Also on the Issuance, Circulation, and Internationalization of Digital RMB" Author: Paul built cloud Source: Beijing Institute of International Economics and Trade [Keywords] sovereign digital currency, financial technology innovation, digital renminbi, international currency system reform [Summary] Sovereign […]

New blockchain financial development accelerates: Hong Kong plans to oversee virtual currency service providers, Deutsche Börse launches reverse Bitcoin ETP

Author: Song Jiaji, Renhe Yi Source: Guosheng Blockchain Research Editor's Note: The original title was "Hong Kong intends to supervise virtual currency service providers, Deutsche Börse launches reverse Bitcoin ETP" Summary Event: Hong Kong plans to include virtual currency service providers and other regulatory frameworks. Boerse Stuttgart, Germany's second-largest stock exchange, launches a reverse Bitcoin […]

Inventory of the first outline of the Greater Bay Area planning outline: cross-border financial blockchain financing of $ 3.5 billion

Author: Zhao Xin Following Source: 21 Finance On February 18, the 1st Anniversary of the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Planning Outline" ("Planning Outline") was officially released. A 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned from the Guangzhou Branch of the People's Bank that, as of February 14, this year, banks in Guangdong Province The […]

Bai Shizhen: Proposal to issue encrypted digital currency "belt currency" to improve cross-border payment systems in countries along the "Belt and Road"

Author: Bai Shi Pan, Mayon treasure Editor's note: The original title was "Looking forward to China-Singapore Financial Cooperation along the Belt and Road". The original article was published in Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao. Singapore is an important fulcrum country along the “Belt and Road”, and China-Singapore two-way investment plays a leading role in the “Belt and […]

Overview of the crypto asset industry in 2019: the rotation of the cycle and the dawn of dawn

Source: BlockVC 2019 is a year in which the crypto asset industry has gradually recovered from the slump in the bursting of the bubble, and it is also a year in which the industry has transformed from a primary market investment to a secondary market trading style. Boosted by the IEO model, the primary market […]

From the network layer, consensus layer, data layer, smart contract layer and application layer, talk about the technical architecture of blockchain commerce

Source: “ Blockchain Business '' Production: Blockchain Base Camp The underlying technology architecture under the application of business scenarios is not accessible to most people. However, all commercial applications and services obtained on the blockchain are inseparable from the support of the underlying technology architecture. Today we will talk about what the technical architecture of […]

Fade out and rise of an old Defi project

Editor's Note: Original title was "Kyber's Fade Out and Rise" In the DeFi project, the previous article of Blue Fox Note mentioned Uniswap "Understanding Uniswap", and today Blue Fox Note introduces another DeFi project, Kyber. Kyber is an old-fashioned project in the field of DeFi. It started trading in February 2018, and it is almost […]

Opinion: Who is DeFi's second turn?

Author: Jorge S Source: Toku View Editor's Note: The original title was "Who's the Second DeFi? 》 When calculating the ranking of DeFi projects according to the size of the lock-up volume, MakerDAO topped the list with a total amount of 380 million lock-ups, although its overwhelming dominance is slowly growing as new projects continue […]

Read a history of finance and regulation, as well as a lesson for DeFi

Author: Mario Laul, block chain investment institutions Placeholder researcher Translator: Lu Jiangfei Source: Chain News There are some important patterns in the development history of the financial industry, the most obvious of which are the systemic crisis and the subsequent collapse of asset prices or income streams, as well as multiple games between financial innovation […]