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Monthly Financing Report | Global Blockchain Private Equity Financing in March was 3.767 billion, 90% of the funds flowed to the US market

Text 丨 Interlink Pulse · Liangshan Huarong   In March, the global blockchain investment and financing market started to heat up. According to the statistics from the Interchain Pulse Institute (IPRI), in March 2020, a total of 29 financings were obtained in the global blockchain field, with a financing amount of approximately 3.767 billion yuan, […]

2019 financing report: DeFi replaces ICO, financing focus shifts to China

Original: Decrypt , original author: Robert Stevens Source: Planet Daily, Translator: Yu Shunsui Summary: CB Insights' 2020 Blockchain Report reviews the past year of the blockchain and provides insights into the direction of the industry. In 2019, DeFi replaced ICO as the main crypto power, and custody, tax and lending services continued to enhance its […]

Exploring New Directions for Transformation 8 Listed Companies Refinancing "Patronizing" Blockchain

Source: Securities Daily Trainee reporter Yu Junyi Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, cloud office, digitization, and blockchain have become fiery transformation directions. Many companies are looking for transformation opportunities and have started a new layout. According to the statistics of the mutual chain pulse, since February 17th, the refinancing schemes of […]

February global block chain private equity financing amounted to 1.295 billion yuan, China and the US market heating up

Text 丨 Interlink Pulse · Liangshan Huarong After falling to freezing point in January, the global blockchain investment and financing market started a heating mode in February. According to the statistics of the Interchain Pulse Institute (IPRI), in February 2020, a total of 36 financings were obtained in the global blockchain field, with a financing […]

"Chengdu Chainan" Receives New Round of Financing from Qianhai Mother Fund, Yang Xia, Founder of Babbitt Exclusive Dialogue

Babbitt was informed that on February 25, Chengdu Chainan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chengdu Chainan”) officially announced that it had recently obtained a new round of financing and was invested by Qianhai Mother Fund . Chengdu Xia'an founder and CEO Yang Xia told Babbitt that the financing will be used to continuously […]

Weekly | Central Bank issues technical specifications for financial distributed ledger, blockchain financial applications are expected to accelerate

Finishing | Xiaoyan Production | PANews Abstract: The Central Bank released the Technical Specification for Financial Distributed Ledgers; Bitcoin whale users lost 45 million USD worth of tokens; FCoin thundered, with caves as high as US $ 127 million, and more than 2,000 potential victims. Yang Zuoxing, founder of Shenma Mining Machinery, has been released […]

Inventory of the first outline of the Greater Bay Area planning outline: cross-border financial blockchain financing of $ 3.5 billion

Author: Zhao Xin Following Source: 21 Finance On February 18, the 1st Anniversary of the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Planning Outline" ("Planning Outline") was officially released. A 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned from the Guangzhou Branch of the People's Bank that, as of February 14, this year, banks in Guangdong Province The […]

Foreign exchange bureau strengthens the construction of cross-border financial blockchain service platform to ease the financing difficulties and expensive financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises

Source: Securities Daily For companies currently affected by the epidemic, what policies or measures support resumption of work and production, and for enterprises in non-epidemic prevention and control areas, what support measures are there? Xuan Changneng, Deputy Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange At a press conference held by the State Council in […]

2019 Global Blockchain Investment and Financing Report: The number of global blockchain field financings is 543, with a financing amount of 23.83 billion yuan

This report was jointly issued by Zero One Finance, Zero One Think Tank, Digital Asset Research Institute, and Digital Asset Research Center of China Investment Association Author: Zhao Yue Editor's Note: The original title was "2019 Global Blockchain Investment and Financing Report" ▪ In 2019, there were 543 financings in the global blockchain field, with […]

Multiple blockchain companies support Hubei's anti-epidemic situation; Tether launches gold stablecoin | Weekly Spring Festival Edition

Binance: 10 million yuan to help Wuhan's new crown virus infected people Zhao Changpeng tweeted on January 26 that Binance promised to provide 10 million yuan (US $ 1.5 million) to help Wuhan's new coronavirus infection. Zhao Changpeng said: "We did not make any statement. But the Binance Charity Foundation and the Binance team have […]