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KPMG 2019 Global Fintech Pulse Report: Blockchain is still a key investment area, large companies and governments have already acted

Author: Liu Bin Source: Didi Technology Information Editor's note: Original title was "KPMG's Global Fintech Pulse 2019 (Full Text)"

Article overview of fintech infrastructure change trends and market panorama

Source: Chain News Written by: Chris McCann, Managing Partner of Proof of Capital Compilation: Perry Wang Fintech startups target all core financial applications. These core financial applications include banking ($ 7 trillion), wealth management ($ 75 trillion), capital markets ($ 74 trillion), Borrowings ($ 8 trillion), real estate ($ 8 trillion), insurance ($ 5 trillion), […]

Large-scale technology companies collectively enter the financial sector, EU securities regulators issue risk warnings

According to a report by Cointelegraph on February 20th, the European Union's securities regulator issued a report warning the risk of large tech companies entering the financial sector. Image source: pixabay When the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) released its 2020 Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities report on February 19, speaking about the entry of […]

Wanxiang Blockchain Zou Chuanwei: The Balance of Finance and Technology

The author of this article is Dr. Zou Chuanwei, Chief Economist of PlatON, Wanxiang Blockchain. Reprinted from "First Financial". As a loyal reader and "fan" of Governor Zhou Xiaochuan's book, I first read "Financial Infrastructure, Scientific and Technological Innovation, and Policy Responses-Compilation of Zhou Xiaochuan's Lectures". This book is very instructive for understanding fintech development […]

Babbitt Column | Cutting-edge regulatory technology for capital markets

Note: This article was originally published in Singapore Lianhe Zaobao. Babbitt Information was released with the author's authorization. Fintech is mainly a comprehensive application of a variety of new information and communication technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and other technologies. These technologies have had a significant impact on financial business. Driving […]

Global Fintech Financing Report 2019: Financing Amount Exceeds 261.9 Billion, Blockchain Financing Leads Amount

Production | Zero One Think Tank Author | Yuan Ting In 2019, the Zero One Fintech Investment and Financing Index (01GFI) reached the highest value of 180 in June, the second highest point in March was 179, and then fluctuated around 160. The latest index in December was 151. According to incomplete statistics of the […]

Suzhou released 30 new industrial policies, including the construction of fintech supervision sandbox (full text)

Text: Chen Jianshan Source: Mars Finance On January 3, the 2020 Suzhou "Open and Re-Start Meeting" released the "Several Policy Opinions of the Suzhou Municipal People's Government of Suzhou Municipal Committee on Open-Re-Start". This is also the No. 1 document of Suzhou in 2020, which explicitly put forward 30 policy opinions, including promoting the deep […]

Citi Private Bank: Looking to 2020, Fintech Unstoppable (full text)

Foreword Towards the end of 2019, Citi Private Bank believes that the coming year will be brighter than many expected. Despite facing unfavorable factors such as international trade tensions and widespread political uncertainty, the global economy remains healthy. The timely interest rate cuts and other monetary easing policies of important central banks have successfully maintained […]

Li Lihui, Former President of Bank of China: We should step up efforts to improve the technical standards and security specifications of blockchain finance

Source: Sina Finance Sina Finance News on December 17th, the 3rd China Internet Finance Forum 2019 was held in Beijing on the theme of "Financial Technology to Facilitate the Construction of Modern Financial System". The leader of the Blockchain Research Working Group of China Internet Finance Association and Bank of China Former President Li Lihui […]

Long Baitao Comments: Comparing the Development and Supervision of Large Chinese and German Technology Companies

Editor's note: This article is a speech by Long Baitao to the Executive Board of the Bundesbank, "Fintech and Large Technology Companies and Central Banks-Conflict of Interest or Common Mission? 》 Comment, readers can click the link to view the original text. The Bundesbank Executive Board, Burkhard Balz, gave an overview of German fintech in […]