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In-depth exploration of Forbes blockchain 50 product data: Which two fields are most concerned about?

Author: Blockdata Research Translation: Zi Ming Editor's note: The original title was "In-depth exploration of Forbes blockchain 50 product data" It can be clearly seen from the products being built and put into use that the world's largest companies are using blockchain technology to solve practical problems. This article starts from the two areas that […]

Forbes releases list of top 50 blockchains, Baidu, Ant Financial, and Tencent are on the list

Author: Liang CHE Source: Tweet Forbes released a list of the top 50 blockchains on Wednesday. Organizations entering the top 50 need revenue or valuations of more than $ 1 billion. The list includes many industry giants from finance and technology, such as JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, HSBC, ING Group, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, BMW, […]

Forbes: 4 reasons China encourages blockchain technology

Author | Biser Dimitrov Last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech encouraging Chinese companies to "seize opportunities" to use and accelerate the development of blockchain technology. In China's view, this is a major event, consolidating several previous public statements on the blockchain. The stock prices of 70 Chinese technology companies rose sharply, the […]

88% increase! 2019 Forbes global blockchain top 50 list, you may not understand these 3 details

Not long ago, Forbes announced the list of the top 50 blockchain, and is one of the most important releases of Forbes in the blockchain field in 2019. The list selected 50 companies with the strongest applications in blockchain technology, and the list also covers entrepreneurial companies in the blockchain sector. The criteria for inclusion […]

Forbes starting blockchain top 50 companies list

Summary: Forbes, the leading business magazine, recently released its first list of the top 50 global blockchain companies. The cryptocurrency may be experiencing severe winters. However, the basic technology of Bitcoin can also generate new commercial applications. For these commercial applications, early spring has arrived. According to the sharing of financial news, the famous business […]