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Because of DeFi, Ethereum is now impossible to fork

Written by: Leland Lee, Haseeb Qureshi (Partner of Dragonfly Capital) Compile: Zhan Wei Source: Chain smell After the 2016 DAO hacking incident, the Ethereum community faced a survival challenge: Should the community roll back the blockchain, return to the hacker attack, or let the event remain? Those who answered yes forked the so-called "Ethereum Square". […]

Comment: The exchange is open finance

Foreword: In the current encryption world, exchanges are the biggest catchers of value. Because of the user's demand for liquidity, the exchange has a certain degree of network effect, so it is an aggregator of capital. Based on the aggregated users and capital, it can connect with open financial protocols, provide greater liquidity, and provide […]

Tether issued a stable 24-hour trading volume of anchored offshore RMB, only 0.1BTC

According to Bitfinex exchange data, Tether 's three sets of CNHT ( ancillary offshore anchored currency ) trading pairs (including BTC/CNHT, USDT/CNHT, CNH/CNHT) have a total 24-hour trading volume. 0.1BTC. CNHT transaction pair In August of this year, Zhao Dong, founder of DGroup and shareholder of Bitfinex, issued a circle of friends, and Tether will […]

"Out of Control" and Blockchain: What misunderstandings do you have about the blockchain?

"Out of Control: The Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World." This book was published in 1994 by Kevin Kelly and has always been influential. Especially after Zhang Xiaolong, the inventor of WeChat, strongly recommended this book, the fire broke out in the first two years in China, […]

Viewpoint | The cryptocurrency industry has reached a watershed, IXO to the left, mature public chain to the right

For the cryptocurrency industry, last week was undoubtedly very heavy. According to Babbitt reports: The US Senate sent a letter to members of the Libra Association, “threatening” that they left Libra, which eventually forced the six founding members of the Libra Agreement to leave ; The SEC determined that the Telegram (telegram) $1.7 billion ICO […]

The United States updated the cryptocurrency tax guide for the first time in five years, reading how to calculate taxable income

The tax system in the field of cryptocurrency has long been a global issue, and the United States is at the forefront of this theme. On October 9, 2019, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updated its 2014 cryptographic currency tax guide (Revenue Ruling 2019-24 ( -24.pdf )), this guide is used to provide […]

Bakkt futures trading volume is new, but can it last?

Since the launch of about three weeks ago, Bakkt's physical delivery of bitcoin futures contracts has been plagued by sluggish trading volume. Although there are some signs of recovery, it seems that this trend will require more patience. With the support of the New York Stock Exchange's parent company, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), with the […]

"E-commerce + blockchain": The time has come to subvert Amazon?

A Gartner report said that the commercial value-added services of the blockchain in 2025 will exceed $176 billion, and will then exceed $310 billion in 2030. There is no doubt that more and more companies are adopting blockchain technology to improve the security, timeliness and scalability of online businesses. This is the case in the […]

The world's three major engine companies, the big troubles of the Westward Journey have come, the world blockchain conference · Wuzhen round table lineup announced

On November 8-9, 2019, the second World Blockchain Conference hosted by Babbitt • Wuzhen will be held soon. In the two-day intensive agenda, we arranged 13 exciting round-table forums, and today we will unveil the guest lineup of the game round table. Zhou Zhifeng President of Molin Group Founded in 2011, Molin Group is a […]

Knock on the blackboard! Three questions that Zuckerberg needs to solve next week’s hearing

On October 23, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will attend a congressional hearing, an opportunity for legislators to learn more about Libra. Since its launch in June this year, Facebook's idea of ​​developing a cryptocurrency covering its social network has been condemned and criticized by global legislators and international organizations. Part of the reason is the […]