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On the eve of the birth of China's digital currency: the pilot of the central bank, the four major horse races, can it lead the world?

Source: Finance Magazine (id: i-caijing) Author: "financial" correspondent Zhang Wei Edit: Yuan Man   The four major state-owned commercial banks, the three major telecom operators, Huawei … The main institutions have entered the bureau, and China's legal digital currency is driven by the central bank's innovative power and is about to enter the life application […]

Lingting 2020 New Year's Eve speech lineup announced, 5 highlights and big exposure

"I only lend you my body, you lend me your dream." -"Gattaca" In the past year, what have you identified and what have you been uncertain about? May be these are ok: In 2019, we saw 10 million blockchain electronic invoices available on the Tencent blockchain; the Ant blockchain has landed in more than 40 […]

Babbitt Column | Deng Jianpeng: On USDT Risk and Protection of Chinese Investors' Rights

Author: Deng Jianpeng (Central University of Finance and Law Professor / PhD supervisor) This article was originally authored by Babbitt Information for the author and may not be reproduced without permission. Since June 2019, the social media platform Facebook, which has the world's largest number of users, released the white paper of the cryptocurrency Libra […]

Vitalik: A new way to implement cross-segment trading

On October 29th, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin released a new proposal for cross-segment trading, a so-called cross-chip transaction, a feature that the Ethereum 2.0 platform needs to implement. The following is a translation of the proposal: One of the requirements of Ethereum 2.0 Phase 2 is the ability to quickly move ETH from one slice […]

If Solana succeeds, does it mean that all the shards are scams?

Author: True Satoshi The currency circle is a place to encourage innovation. Solana is an example. Its high valuation and high premium are mainly due to its proprietary stack agreement PoH (Proof of History) and its seven technological innovations. On the whole, the fundamentals are better: the underlying technology innovation, the team technical background, the […]

Explore: Blocking and expansion of blockchains

This article focuses on cross-slicing transactions, invalid transactions, and malicious behavior. It has been discussed before that the basic shard type is not a very practical sharding method because its shards cannot communicate with each other, which makes them the same as a single blockchain. Let us give an example of a simple payment. If […]

Analysis | How will fragmentation technology achieve blockchain expansion?

In this paper, we will take the fragmentation technology on the Ethereum blockchain as an example to analyze how the fragmentation technology will achieve blockchain expansion. In this paper, we will take the fragmentation technology on the Ethereum blockchain as an example to analyze how the fragmentation technology will achieve blockchain expansion. As we all […]

Reshaping the scalability of blockchains: separation of state and time

Foreword: Regarding the scalability of the blockchain, we have various consensus mechanisms, such as Tendermint, and fragmentation mode. The new scheme solves the time and status updates and proposes the solution of asynchronous processing. Solution, can it redefine the scalability of the blockchain? Let us see what happens in the future. The author of this […]

The blockchain expansion path is long and resistant, and the three main expansion methods are briefly analyzed.

How to expand the blockchain so that it can process hundreds or even thousands of transactions per second without affecting its decentralization characteristics? This problem not only makes some of the smartest people in the field of encryption can't be embarrassed at night, but also makes some of the more fanatical cryptocurrency factions have frequent […]