Articles of Fraud

Reverting HT moving bricks arbitrage process: "IQ tax" trap in the encrypted world

In the Internet world, many people have received a winning email. The bonus is 58,000 yuan and a Samsung Q30 laptop. The average person will be overjoyed when they see it, feeling that they are the luckiest person in the world, but if you When I went to claim the prize, I found that to […]

People who want to rely on Bakkt scams are really disappointed.

" 蹭Bakkt hotspot scam " Where there are hot spots, there will be scams. On September 23rd, I hoped that the stars and the moon would be regarded as the most favorable Bakkt in the year. The Bakkt was officially launched, and there was a scam along with Bakkt. After Bakkt just announced the announcement […]

Blockchain + pets = high yield? Pudong network police: Bit pig was investigated

If you have a pet to play, you can make money. In 7 days, the profit is 28%. You are using the blockchain technology on the tall. Are you tempted by such a game? If you are tempted, you will be fooled. Recently, Pudong network police official WeChat issued a notice that a platform named […]

Be wary: Encrypted scams are becoming more and more rampant, please be wise to avoid traps

In the past two years, cryptocurrency fraud on social media has long been commonplace. According to reports, in January 2019, someone on Twitter scammed millions of cryptocurrencies by pretending to be a well-known blockchain character. Now, there is a new form of fraud on the platform, where scammers use another type of encryption scam formed […]

Demystifying Blockchain Funds Routines: Launching Projects to Promote Spoiled Coin Price

Whether it is a variety of “blockchain” platforms that claim to be highly profitable, or a variety of smart arbitrage tools that “make bricks to make a difference” and blockchain trading with “open and fair” You can see the moderation of the operating mechanism: a small game + drums and flowers, the ultimate goal is […]