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After FCoin's "incident", key figures from the team responded!

On the evening of February 12, an announcement on the FCoin Exchange regarding "the latest progress of system maintenance and application for withdrawal of cash " caused huge controversy in the community. The announcement stated: 1. After verification, the system has not been hacked by external hackers. Second, due to the loss of key personnel […]

FMex contract exchange debut, Zhang Jian 13 questions and answers comprehensive interpretation

At 21:00 on June 5, FMex, the contract trading platform under FT Ecology, held its first online conference. FCoin founder Zhang Jian on the FMex platform's contract business, income distribution, community governance, sustainable mining mechanism and other issues. One by one answer. FCoin founder Zhang Jian Zhang Jian said that FMex is a long-awaited strategic […]

Zhang Jian returns: using technology to promote the company's evolution to the community

In May of a year ago, FCoin entered the trading market with a “transaction-mining” model and quickly swept the industry. However, due to the shortcomings of the model, from the high light to the "quiet", FCoin only took a few months. However, FCoin is not really silent. Since the beginning of this year, FCoin has […]

The FT team teamed up with the consensus lab to release the FT public chain and ecology in Hong Kong, which will start the main network switch on June 16.

On May 24th, the FT team teamed up with the Consensus Lab to release the FT public chain and ecology in Hong Kong. It is reported that the FT public chain will go online to test the network on June 6, and start the main network switch on June 16. At the same time, the […]

Exclusive | FT rose nearly 10 times in the year, investors are running next, what does the Fractal public chain want to do?

On April 22, the Consensus Laboratories officially announced that Zhu Xi, the vice president of the company, will be appointed as the FCoin Ecology Leader. The FCoin Ecology will be built around the Fractal public chain, with FCoin's restructuring and upgrade as the starting point, re-emphasizing in the field of digital asset trading and the […]