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PlusToken still has more than 60,000 BTC unsuccessfully transferred, or it will affect the crypto market

Source of this article: Caiyun Blockchain Author: iris5625 Editor's Note: The original title was "More than 60,000 Bitcoins still have not been successfully transferred in the PlusToken fund scam" According to digital asset survey company OXT Research, PlusToken, known as the largest money scam in the currency circle, may still have 61,229 bitcoins (valued at […]

Demystifying the secret flow of funds: the idle fish, Alipay, 58 cities, Baidu Post Bar are "occupied"

Text: Pizza Source: A blockchain Since 2019, funds under the banner of blockchain have appeared continuously. The data shows that with only one token of PlusToken, the number of victims exceeded 1 million, and the amount involved was as high as 20 billion yuan. Where did these funds come from? One channel is the traditional […]

Inventory of "dead" blockchain projects in 2019: the peak of funds running in March

Text 丨 Interlink Pulse Academy, the original title "Interlink Annual Report | More than 70 Blockchain Projects of" Death "in 2019: March Capital Market Runs at the Peak and the Exchanges Roll Up at the End of the Year" "The per capita loss caused by virtual currency fraud in 2019 is as high as 130,000 […]

Tracking: Where did most of the assets of Plustoken go?

Original title: Huobi's involvement in the PlusToken Ponzi scheme Source: The Block Author: LARRY CERMAK Although the fund project PlusToken collapsed in June this year, billions of assets were involved in it, and countless people lost their money. However, the question of how many assets are involved and how many have been sold by the […]

There is no shortage of new gameplay in the currency circle.

If there is a 10% profit, the capital will be guaranteed to be used everywhere; with 20% of the profits, the capital will be active; with 50% of the profits, the capital will take risks; for 100% of the profits, the capital will dare to trample on everything. Law; if there is more than 300% […]

DAPP trend list: gaming is no longer popular funds into the mainstream

| Author: Block rhythm BlockBeats 0x30 | Welcome to add the author WeChat qkldlinda to communicate with him! Reproduction without authorization is prohibited! The DAPP market rebounded slightly last week. According to DAPP Review data, EOS's 7-day transaction volume reached $159 million, Ethereum reached $47 million, and TRON reached $94 million. At present, the funding […]