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In-depth analysis of FairWin: the money disk of the knife-edge blood loss makes the average loss of 10129 players 47%

Introduction: The motivation of most users to participate in the fund disk / Ponzi Dapp is speculative to make money, and most of these products are also greedy for humanity in the promotion, to enlarge the space and possibility of income to attract funds to enter. In fact, after the recent first crash of FairWin, […]

Graphic tracking PlusToken running funds, 28,500 BTC changes, one of the magical trades left eggs

On June 29th, PlusToken, the largest block of funds in the blockchain, was unable to raise coins by users. Six founding team members were arrested in Vanuatu for alleged Internet fraud. In the previous article " Graphic Tracking PlusToken Asset Transfer Tracking (1) ", PeckShield initially tracked the statistics in the BTC section with 1,203 […]

The fund tray project BHB organizer was arrested. The Feng sister, who once stood on the platform, said that the dividend for the day was 11%.

On August 12, the Qingshen County Public Security Bureau issued an official WeChat announcement. Recently, the Economic Investigation Brigade, with the assistance of the public security organs of Lai'an County, Anhui Province, arrested a fugitive who was suspected of organizing a pyramid scheme. After investigation: 刁 某 开设 在 在 开设 开设 在 在 在 […]

The person in charge of the fund project BHB was arrested and brought to justice

According to the news of the Public Security Bureau of Qingshen County Public Security Bureau of Sichuan Province, the main person in charge of the BHB fund project in the name of blockchain and virtual currency has been criminally detained by the Qingshen County Public Security Bureau, and the case is being further investigated. Qingshen […]

Graphic Tracking PlusToken Asset Transfer Tracking (1): There are 1,203 inflows in the BTC section.

After analyzing the PlusTC's BTC main wallet address, PeckShield found that there are currently 72,708 BTCs temporarily in more than 20 major addresses, and there is a possibility of further inflows into the exchange; there are 540 BTCs known to flow into Bittrex transactions. The 663 BTCs flowed into the Fire Exchange and may be […]

The 1 billion fund disk "wave field super community" running out of cash, why is Sun Yuchen always worried?

At the beginning of the bull market, the dealer did not harvest, and the fund was harvested. According to the security company Chengdu Chain Security, the number of wallets that run for a few months is close to 20. First, the “first fund of the currency circle” PlusToken runs the headlines of major communities and […]

Roller coaster market, Algorand really played a "funds disk"?

On June 19th, Algorand, the blockchain star project with the Turing Award winner, started the first ALGO token Dutch auction. The final transaction price of 25 million ALGO tokens was $2.4, which was the private placement price ($0.05). 50 times, successfully raised 60 million US dollars. Together with the privately-held unlocked 12.5 million tokens, ALGO's […]

Making money, it’s really related to IQ – Turing Award-level funding Algorand

Foreword: There have been a lot of recent things. There are a few long articles that are not written. There is a Facebook-issued face coin (just the first time this time last year with the face coin team), there is an encryption about the recent and team incubation. The digital version of the number one […]

Interesting in the blockchain chain nominal fraud, micro-business assistance, when will collapse?

Originally thought that the low-level scam of the fun step will disappear in a short time, but the humanity is profitable, but let it go to false prosperity. Especially in the main health campaign, under the circumstances of the blockchain empowerment and the micro-business model, some people with cognitive bias are deeply immersed in it, […]