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After the Bell chain crashes, it is suspected that the new disk will be restarted.

One of the largest funds in the history of the currency circle, the Bell Chain, has ushered in a recent collapse. Since the end of July, a number of "games" under the Bell Chain have stopped mining output, and investor income has stagnated. On August 30th, Bell Chain CEO Vincent posted a long article on […]

The important trader of Plustoken has been repatriated and the police are investigating

The boss behind the scenes has not been arrested, suspected of absconding. According to the media's "Conscience of the Currency Circle" , the personnel involved in the Plustoken fund have been repatriated by the Vanuatu police and have been handed over to the Yancheng police in China. The Odaily Planet Daily asked the Yancheng police […]

The road to the road is coming: disbanding the community, fleeing at night, and taking away billions of funds

At the end of June, as one of the most well-known fund projects in the currency circle, Plustoken had difficulty in raising coins. A number of media reported that the project was suspected of running. The news is like a stone that shocks the waves and affects the nerves of investors. This is not the […]

A Plustoken falls, and there are thousands of funds in the teeth.

The cryptocurrency industry seems to be moving in a polarized direction. On the one hand, it shines in the financial sector, and it plays an increasingly positive role in the mainstream society. On the other hand, it becomes a tool for a large number of lawless elements to make a profit and profit. It causes […]

PlusToken has over 10 billion funds to track, and the first fund of the currency circle has affected 3 million people.

Recently, the Plustoken wallet fund disk event, which is known as the “first fund of the currency circle”, has attracted a lot of attention. What is the “fun” of Plus token? I think you have already learned a lot. Similar articles are also available online. First of all, the author wants to say that there […]

PlusToken crashes, promise me not to be cheated again in the future?

Recently, some netizens said that PlusToken can only be transferred to the currency, and the manual customer service in the app has stopped serving; afterwards, some investors have said that they are not accepting the money. With the follow-up exposure of many currency media, the collapse of the currency fund MLM project has basically been […]

Before the "Ten billion funds" PlusToken crash, users recharge their faith every day.

"Are you still feeling the money for the salary increase? Are you still feeling exhausted for the holidays? Are you arrogant for the office? PlusToken gives you a miracle of life, the blessing of the believer!" “Every day with PlusToken”, “Blue Sky and White Clouds, Sunshine Rain, Plus Token is with you and me.” “PlusToken, […]

EGT skyrocketed 66 times behind: "Lei Jun" before the new three board company's fund disk game

There is never a shortage of miracles and hotspots in the rivers and lakes. EGT, a coin that fell 96% from the issue price in the second half of 2018, mimics the "Bell Chain" fund game mode. In 2019, the price soared more than 66 times, becoming a new generation of demon coins. However, we […]